Age 21 – I’ve gone from having close to no social life to having plans every single day

I’ve actually gone the whole 90 days. Reading success stories was and still is one of my favorite things to do on this forum, so here’s my experience, some do’s and dont’s and my overall assessment of noFap.

My experience

So before taking this challenge on I suffered from social anxiety and an unnatural fear of rejection. But that’s ok, you too can lead a life utterly devoid of sex, fun or awesome memories. I’m being sarcastic, but on a serious note I never really felt like I was living up to my full potential.

In an attempt to not make this post too long, I’ll just say this: No PMO makes you shine. The boost in confidence is such a refreshing breeze of fresh air words can’t even describe. Sure you still have good & bad days, but the worst day on no PMO rivals the best day when on full PMO. It’s that simple.

Before this I dreaded the idea of weekends. I never had any plans. No real friends to speak of or people to do any activities with. “Weekend” for me usually translated in “two days of watching family guy”. It’s pathetic on so many levels I dont even. The life any of my fellow 21yo’s would envy.

Now? Now I haven’t cleaned my room in almost 2 months for lack of time. I’ve gone from having close to no social life to having plans every single day. I go to the gym during week days with some cute female friends, play football and take german lessons twice a week plus a full time job. During the weekends I’m usually out with friends somewhere. Recently I’ve taken up snowboarding and I’m becoming quite a decent rider. Always wanted to do that.

Do’s and dont’s

Here’s a few things that have helped me out along the way:


  • Train for discipline. PMO doesn’t force itself down your throat. It’s your choice. Always was. Choose not to.
  • Cold showers. Love`em. Take one before going out or to work. Your day will be better, I guarantee it.
  • Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Learn a new language, read, take dance classes, learn a martial arts style, get into winter sports. Actually get into any sport. Choose at least one intellectual and one physical activity you enjoy or might enjoy and turn them into a hobby.
  • Consider getting an accountability partner. Personally I didn’t, but I can see how it could bring benefits.


  • Don’t install K9. I don’t care how “secure” you think you are. If you wanna find porn, you’ll find it. Not walking into a bar doesn’t cure you of being an alcoholic. Comfortably being in a bar with complete self control does. The internet is your bar.
  • Don’t rationalize. Unless “just one more time” somehow involves you, that hot co-worker, your room, and very few clothing articles then I don’t wanna hear it.
  • For the love of whichever God you happen to believe or not believe in, do not throw away your smartphone in favor of a flip-phone to protect yourself from the big bag interweb monster. Seriously you’re a grown ass man or woman, act like it. Read the first point of this list again if you’re wondering why that’s supremely stupid.
  • Don’t let yourself down. You have to opportunity to change your life in ways you can’t even fathom right now. Take that into account next time you think 2 seconds of gratification are worth anything.
  • Do not settle. Unhappy in your relationship? break it off. Want a relationship? start being outgoing. Shit job? quit. Shit major? Start over. No major? get one. Not pleased with your body? diet & gym. I don’t even care about your age or how “late” you think it is for you. You get one life, and if you’re not doing your best to make it memorable then you’re not only effectively but actively being an idiot. It’s never too late to be happy.

My honest opinion

Is that noPMO is top5 best decisions I’ve ever made. There’s just no way to describe how much my life has improved over such a small period of time. Above all else though, the top super power reboot offers you is freedom. I’m free and confident in who I am. I respect who I’ve become.

“If you wanna survive you have to be willing to die”. In other words, no good story ever started by playing it safe. So get yo ass out there, fail, laugh it off and fail some more. You’re capable of more than you know.

Thread: 90 days today.

BY – Ghost.


INITIAL POST – Challenges? Yes please.

Hi NoFap,

Well this is my first post on this forum. Me? I’m a 21yo student who somehow came across some “what effects porn have on your mind” videos. I’m mostly referring to TedEx talks, no bro / pseudoscience. Anyway, some of the stuff I’ve read / heard really applies. Lill’ bit of social anxiety, heavy procrastination and overall lack of motivation are usually pretty common after I “pay a little bit too much attention to myself”.

On average I’d say I used to PMO about once a day.

Anyway, I want to challenge myself to improve my life overall, and I really want to try this noPMO. I’ve read all about the “superpowers” too. Don’t know how true that is but the thought is exciting, that’s for sure .

So yeah, I’m gonna give this a try. Say…30 days at first. I’m not entirely sure how easy / hard this will be, so 30 is a good estimation I think. Last time I pmo’d was on Friday, so I guess I’m already on the 3rd day? hah!

This is gonna be fucking awesome .