Age 21 – Life is so much better. I am so focused on making progress towards my goals.

 My life is so much better without fapping. I can look anyone people in the eye and know that on a deep level, I am an equal, even if they are more attractive, more intelligent, or wittier than I.

I just wanted to encourage you all as finals approach and the stress mounts, not to give in.

I am still slightly lonely, but I am not depressed because I know that no woman is out of my league. Passion and being a true man will attract the right woman eventually. I am so focused on making progress towards my goals and that I don’t even have much of a desire to procrastinate.

At a party, my friend asked me if I am always so happy and I didn’t mention NoFap, but I said that every day is a gift and it’s so good to be alive.

You are all amazing. Let’s tell and show the world the power of not simply not touching our genitals 🙂

LINK – Life is Beautiful (120ish day report)

by the_cheesiest