Age 21 – Lost a 150K scholarship to fapping and gaming, doing better now


I’m 21/M whose been through a lot like many of you brothers and sisters. When I was 18 I had a full ride to a univeristy of my choice, but I fucked it up (or did I?). I was academically expelled from the univeristy in 8 months for having all F’s. Why 1) porn 2) gaming, you can imagine losing a 150k ride because of porn.

Ironically the most happiest and successful days of my high school life was this one 6-month period where I had quit porn. Yes, I had discovered nofap a long time ago, and man did it feel great.

In 2013 I moved to a different state to study, but once I had even tried to start school i fucked it up, I had over 370 days of gaming clocked in I was playing 24/7 and fapping. I had severe acne, depression and social anxiety. I didn’t know who I was anymore. When I went to school I had saw someone o recognized and it was my favorite pornstar, I almost puked.

I started school finally in 2015 I did fail 6 of my classes, but one of my professors really inspired me to the best, and this had sparked the missing piece. When he was talking in class it felt like he was talking to me, he believed in me! Fast forward 6 months later I’m doing 21 credits each quarter and have all A’s and B’s.

I discovered nofap on November, my first streak was 21 days and man did it feel good. Although I’m still trying to get my 30 days down I feel like I’m making so much progress. I feel like a raid boss. So my brothers and sisters, I relapsed and today I will start my journey again, don’t forget a master has failed more times then the apprenticed has tried. Don’t give up!

LINK – My Nofap experience

By nofaphaci