Age 21 – Meditation + Nofap = great results with social anxiety


I´ve always been the extreme shy, sad guy with social anxiety. Never talked to anyone, and was afraid of every possible social interaction, even calling the pizza guy. I failed several classes in college because I was too afraid to talk to people and couldn´t get into a class group.

Looking back, it is amazing to see what a mess I was but now i can appreciate the growth I’ve made.

I eventually got better (had therapy too) but to the point where I was just functional, around 2 years ago (I am 21). But still had social anxiety, to a lesser extent. I discovered nofap when I joined reddit and even did a few streaks longest was 3 months). I felt good doing it but there was always a point when I would say to myself that abstaining from porn wasn’t worth it because that would be the only way to feel pleasure in my boring life.

Recently discovered meditation and wanted to try nofap again so I started 20 days ago doing both. The first five days had headaches and was not feeling particular good but still didn´t give up (too soon to quit). After that I started to feel better and in the last few days I had some amazing things happening to me, in terms of my behavior and feedback from people. I went out with some friends and was always talking, making jokes, talked to strangers freely with no fear of rejection of other mental block that I always had. Basically I didn’t care of what other people think of me.

I knew, since I started nofap that I was happier and acting differently alone but it was nice to see that I no longer had social anxiety around people. Others could notice that and even had friends asking me if I was high/ saying that I had changed (for the better I hope) and even complementing me for my new persona. Could be just a phase or even a placebo but I really believe that I can really change to be the person I want to be and mediation and nofap definitely is helping me in achieving this. Since it is a smallish post I feel like I didn´t tell much about my still new journey of 20 days with nofap+meditation and I honestly don´t know for how long I will be doing it. Forever would be nice… but I try to not focus too much in the future, living day by day. So if you got any question, I will be happy to answer, feel free to call bullshit or even try for yourself.

I know this sub is about nofap but I’ve been doing both and getting great results and can´t tell if it’s the nofap or meditation.


LINK – Meditation+Nofap=great results

by nostalgiarider