Age 21 – More ambitious, confident and self-aware, less grumpy


I’m almost 22 years old (born in December). I started masturbating to pictures posted on r/gone wild about 2 years ago and 7 months into this damned ‘habit’ I started watching porn. No sick stuff. 90 days ago, I made a decision I have to make amends If I want to be successful in life, thus I joined NoFap.

Before NoFap: * little to no motivation to learn (almost failed my exams because of that – I’m a dentistry student, third year), read books or exercise * I sexually objectified women (no real interaction, simply staring at asses, I feel ashamed) * grumpy as hell all the time

90 days into NoFap: * ambitious * well-read (I found lots of joy in reading academic books and novels) * more self-confidence, self-awareness, critical thinking * better interactions with both men and women (still no girlfriend though, but I don’t need validation from girls)

90 is just a number, not a day when we turn into a superheroes or monks or something. I learned that fapping isn’t the cause of all problems in my life, more like a terrible remedy that made things a bit worse instead of helping. Also, I understood that no one owes me anything, I do NoFap to give myself more time and energy to earn things I want, being on NoFap doesn’t make me automatically entitled to stuff.

[Wet dreams on] Days 29, 47 (during flatline, which is interesting to say the least) and 63. I felt weaker, less energetic for 2-3 days afterwards.

I managed to get to 90 days mainly because I kept my pc and smartphone safely locked away. Whenever I got the urge to masturbate, I did 80 pushups/100 squats/300 crunches, took a freezing cold shower or reminded myself the outcome of a relapse. Flatline lasted approximately 30 days (from day 21 to 52-54), during day 34 I experienced my first panic attack, everything started getting better afterwards until I felt alive and well again. Just because I haven’t fapped for 90 days, it doesn’t mean I’m no longer an addict, I still have to fight.

  • Days 0-7 – seven day effect there’s been lots of posts about – feeling of excitement and super self-confidence.
  • Days 7-21 – effect are wearing off, but still going strong.
  • Days 21-54 – well… shit.
  • Days 54-63 – glad that flatline was over, feeling alive and peaceful.
  • Days 63-65 – feeling a bit worse (probably related to wet dream I had during day 63, it was really draining)
  • Days 66-now – feeling like a healthy human being, able to deal with different problems, but still aware of some weakness I have.

LINK – 90 days on the first streak!

By Chrizzag