Age 21 – more energy, increased confidence, better focus, motivation

Completed 90 days! It was very challenging when I was alone. Felt big urges, almost relapsed a few times but i reminded to avoid the short term pleasure of pmo and get the benefits of nofap. Some things I’ve noticed until now:

-more energy, increased confidence, better focus, motivation.

I will continue the journey and see how it goes.

I’m 21 and I said to try it 90 days, from the 3rd attempt I think. My last streak was around 70 days. I watched porn when I was little so that’s how I got to this addiction. About masturbation, I started way before I watched porn. must say that I didn’t felt so well when I was masturbating constantly. Though I don’t know if no MO would be good for the rest of the life.

LINK – 90 days completed

By gxt95