Age 21 – More friends; Greater energy, motivation, patience & confidence; Better memory, focus & social skills


I have beaten my old record that I had in the last summer. Negative thoughts telling me to relapse are but branches I must move out of the path or just jump over. The number of days without porn has been great, but the main source of happiness is the positive life changes that have happened:

  • Greater self Awareness
  • Greater Mindfulness
  • Growing confidence in myself
  • Increased Patients
  • More self control
  • Motivation
  • Discipline
  • Better socializing skills
  • More friends
  • More Energy
  • More time to use
  • New Job/ Even more jobs possibly coming my way
  • Getting involved in athletic sports
  • Improved Memory
  • Feeling confident around Women
  • Stronger Focus
  • Meditation Practices
  • Overall happiness…

… I could even list more to be honest, but that’s just a few of the changes happening. I’m making great progress. I’m on the mental path of a Great Life, and that includes a life without porn.It certainly is possible for me to never go back to porn. I want to live a life without porn; I’m making the choice to stay on this path.

Good luck to you all! Please realize how powerful you are and how powerful your thoughts are!

LINK – Beat my old record (52 Days)

by someguy-21


UPDATE – Losing PMO… Finding a Partner

Hello Everyone! I’ve crushed my old record of 52 days, and I’m still going. I’ve stumbled and made mistakes before in the process of quitting P and MO. I’ve learned and I’ve succeeded. I’ve discovered a lot about myself and other people.

But anyway, I’m Winning Everyday! I’ve developed the mindset that turning to porn can be a form of self hate and symbolism of surrender. Quitting porn is tough… but it turns out I’m tougher and so is everyone here in this community. For those of you thinking that P is your only hope of satisfying your sexual desires, I’d say that that is complete trash.

Don’t make yourself into someone who just sits alone and watches others (who are faking btw) have sex. I encourage you all to really quit porn, because it in itself helps you and it will also help you develop yourself; you’ll develop yourself because the NoFap lifestyle really sets an environment where you need to actually take actions to change into a better self (that’s if it’s done right). Quitting alone won’t solve all your problems, but it certainly acts as a catalyst for success.

Now with all of that said, I had met a girl recently. Around day 62-63, I was on a trip to the city for an over the weekend stay. I met a girl from another school at the hotel we were at. We just gravitated towards each other; we got each other’s numbers. The next night at the hotel we ended up hooking up and it was great! She even mentioned I was the best she had. We’re still talking and we’re friends. Maybe things will go further than that…

Theme of the story is NoFap brings out inner change, change brings out positive energy that draws others to you; you can find a partner (even if it may just be for a night). Don’t use porn, don’t settle for that trash… Go out and explore. A guy or girl may be just around the block waiting to meet you.