Age 21 – Movie-like dreams, lots of energy and more sex


After failing the NoFap challenge 6 times, this time I buckled down and reached my goal. I’m 21 years old. I’ve used porn since I was about 13 years old. I decided to quit because of my overwhelming sense of patheticness and social anxiety around the women.

I’ve seen a large improvement in my social skills and emotions.

I’ve been getting lots of female attention. They say hey to me a lot more compared to when I first started. Other superpowers include movie-like dreams, lots of energy when waking up, and seer-like visions, no kidding. I’ve been PMOing on and off, for almost 2 years. This is my longest streak.

I didn’t start noticing female attention until close to 3 months, somewhere around 80 days. And for dreams, my best guess is that abstaining from PMO rebalances the chemicals in the brain, which is why the dreams are more “clear” than usual. But my dreams seem to have more of a story line, like a movie.

My relationship with my wife has been more complicated. Even though we’ve been arguing more than usual, we’ve been having more sex. My sex life has actually gotten way better! As for positives, she seems more willing to try new things when were having sex. She’s even more submissive and it’s awesome.

I haven’t had any wet dreams at all. However, I’ve had somewhere around 20 highly erotic dreams.

LINK – 101 days report

By Hocus_Fapus