Age 21 – My mind has become very sharp & clear. I’ve never felt so energetic, I feel like I could take on the world


Who am I? I’m a 21 y/o hardworking student. I major Computer Science and spend 80% of my time in front of my lap top. I started the challenge on January 19th hard mode because well I’m always intimidated by online challenges… or any kind of challenge for that matter. So, I’m not sure how exactly I found out about NoFap, I just know that I saw the challenge somewhere and said ‘ok I’m doing this’.

And that was pretty much it.

I don’t know if I have good control over my mind/body or maybe the fact that I’m a workaholic and rarely have spare time – my 90 days passed really fast and without any (huge) struggles. Yes, I thought of doing it a few times, but in my mind I’m just like ‘no, you’re not doing it’ and that worked for me.

After the first month I got more interested in reading more about NoFap and found the community on reddit. Started to get more into it, read the whole wiki about how it works and the benefits (some which I already started experiencing), the struggles people were going through (hang in there! 🙂 ) and a ton of motivational posts – thank you!!

I thought I was disciplined and confident, boy how I’ve taken that to a whole new level. My mind became very sharp and clear and I started to perceive and absorb even the smallest details around me (especially during lectures and classes). I’ve never felt so energetic in my entire life I feel like I could take on the world. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I cannot express how grateful (guess three thank-you’s in caps aren’t enough :3 ) I am to discovering something life changing as NoFap.

I was already a good student and life was going awesome but everything just became BETTER, it can always get BETTER. You have that power to make it so!!

fun Fact#138: wet dreams – three last month, one or two the month before. They really annoy me, I keep running out of clean underwear.

Should I reset now? I like the idea of a system where you reward yourself but at the same time you are in control.

My mind has become very sharp & clear. I’ve never felt so energetic, I feel like I
could take on the world.

LINK – 90 days. We did it guys!!

by Mortequitem