Age 21 – No more panic attacks or paranoia. More confidence, better conversations especially with women

A MILESTONE!!!!  All right, today was one of the worst days in my life, but nevertheless, today I reach 90 days and I decided to not wait till tomorrow to write a report so here it is:

Achievements/ Improvements/ Benefits: Psychological/ Mental:

  1. Better self control, better ability to control my thoughts and be self reserved.
  2. No more self blame, guilty feelings, and depression after a relapse and because of relapses.
  3. More confidence in myself, better conversations with people, especially with women, feeling more free to talk my thoughts, being more fluent when i speak, but not always.
  4. No longer lusting after women, no longer looking at them when they pass behind me, no dirty thoughts about them.
  5. No panic attacks, paranoia, sudden fear, or feelings that you are being constantly watched, no more uncontrollable instant laughs with no reason.
  6. Feeling healthier and cleaner, more stable, feeling glad to be alive, I’m not despising myself as i did before.
  7. More balanced mind, more good thoughts, and stronger will.

Physical benefits:

  1. More energy, I’m not so easy to be tired, have a little more physical strength and stamina.
  2. A little hair regrowth, I will explain this a little more, because its kinda relative: On the right side of my forehead, where my receding hairline began firstly, now i see tiny color hairs springing up, they are noticeable from distance of maybe 3 feet. They are not thick, and they are not so much in number, but enough to be seen, when I look in the mirror, and they were not there 3 months ago, or even little earlier. And there are many little white/blonde hairs there too, where my hairline used to be back 4 years ago, I don’t know if these will turn black and grow longer. But on the left side my hairline is receding more, and I have a patch of hair that is getting visibly thinner, I don’t know what’s up with that, i usually used to have receding or thinning only after I fapped, it’s kinda strange. But my father got bald around 30, so it’s possible it’s just a natural genetical effect.
  3. No penis or testicle retraction, now they hang down freely.
  4. No loss of important testosterone and no wasting of time and energy.
  5. Better skin. I also had some patch of skin on my penis that was slightly redder than the normal, it appeared after I fapped the last time, it’s gone now, my skin is down there is normal again.
  6. A little deeper voice, more power in my voice.
  7. No ankle sprains – I used to get these in the days after I fapped sometimes.
  8. Better overall health,
  9. Can look people in the eyes, don’t have shyness, and don’t have that nerve popping around my eyes, when I’m about to look a girl in her eyes (I don’t know if you had this)
  10. I got more sensitive towards some things that I wouldn’t normally consider or even think about, started to appreciate some things more.
  11. Not exactly sure about rebooted brain, but it’s kind of like that, I am no longer craving for these things, I can push them off easily, I feel that I don’t need PMO anymore, which is great …
  12. A little better memory and better learning abilities…

Other positive, or negative things:

  1. Girls look at me more, there was even one girl 2 days ago that looked at me very provocatively, I thought I knew her, but i didn’t, she was unfamiliar to me, but she looked me for like 5 6 seconds and I looked in her eyes too, and smiled and she smiled too and she was like saying: Aah, so you are that guy, huh? She was pretty. (Didn’t feel big feelings toward her, just saying that she made an eye contact and looked at me with interest.)
  2. Having frequent wet dreams – this is negative. It’s like in 17 days I had 4 wet dreams, but this is the sixth day since I haven’t had any. So I hope they go away or at least become less frequent.
  3. I am feeling more capable to cope with different things, and help other people that are in the position where I have been, and I have more developed empathy or sense of compassion and understanding what the others are going through. I feel like i can give good advices to those that ask me for such.
  4. Having a little brain fog, but i don’t know if it’s due to nofap, because it could be due to other things as well, which are independent of fapping. Sometimes feeling little confused, don’t knowing what exactly to do, feeling slack, unproductive, not being able to produce strong thoughts, or constant thinking, and things of that nature, not being able to stay concentrated or focused for long periods of time, getting easily distracted … But this is only sometimes, not all the time, so I don’t know if it counts for brain fog.

So this is it by now, guys, thank you for supporting me, and being in this community, I learned a lot of new things being a member here. If you have any questions, I will watch and check up what happens with this thread and try to answer as much as I can and as good as I can. May God bless you to reach huge mental strength and have steel will and be able to withstand temptations and continue in your streak and never relapse. Stay vigilant and careful, and form strategies to cope with this. I wish you success.


by Never_Return_There


UPDATE – 180 days/6 months !!! (Hard mode.)

Well, i feel good and glad of myself that i made it to 180 days (181 already). The last report I made was for 160 days, so this here is not a report, but i must say that I feel way better than how I used to feel when I was at 160 days. This is my biggest accomplishment so far. I will probably make a report on 200 days.

One thing I must mention, is that i receive very much female attention lately, and girls come and talk to me way more. I feel better and stronger. ;D It’s cool for me now.

You can do it too, as i did it, it’s possible. The purpose is to exclude the relapse thought of your mind, and DON’T SEEK WAYS TO FAP !!!! Don’t rationalize and find excuses, show some discipline and will, don’t allow a failure to happen !

You are in NOfap . YOU DON’T FAP OR RELAPSE, YOU GO AHEAD WITHOUT THESE THINGS! Use these words as a motivation, although they might be little rude and imperative.

Have a nice time in Nofap! ;D



I have been waiting for some time to write this report, and here it is finally. If you haven’t checked my previous two reports, on 90 and 160 days, and if you are interested, here they are :

It’s my birthday today, together with the 7 months achievement. I turn 22.

So far i think this has been my biggest accomplishment in trying to quit PMO, i have been trying to quit it for 3 and a half years, from 2012, and always failed, i made it to 1,2,3 or 4 months sometimes, i didn’t even knew about the Nofap community, but i tried so hard to do it, and failed again and again, until i found this here, in June this year, and joined it, when i was already on a 40 days streak. In my previous attempts i have made it to 1,2,3 or 4 months sometimes, and ended up relapsing, so this time, when i joined the comunity i made sure to make such a name, that a relapse would never ever occur again. So this is for now.

From the 160 days on, these are the things that i observed.

  • Improved ability to concentrate, and better mental performances, the brain fog is gone, i don’t have it no more, and i am glad about it, i feel much more intelligent, and i can produce thoughts much easier, i can be creative, and talk better.
  • I can pay more attention to some details, and notice some things in depth more than before.
  • More confidence.
  • Feeling more vital and energetic
  • It seems like i have gained some muscle mass and i have more strength, although i don’t work out, i exercise rarely. I feel more masculine.
  • More beard growth, unlike hair unfortunately…

-Seems like my hair is receding even more (but very slowly), although i haven’t relapsed for so long, i don’t know why is that, if someone can tell me, i would appreciate it. No regrowth yet.

  • There was a period of time around days 175 – 185, WHEN I HAD HUUUUGEE MAGNETISM AND ATTRACTED MANY GIRLS’ ATTENTION, AND THEY LOOKED AT ME AND TALKED TO ME, SOME OF THEM SEEMED INTERESTED, AND I WAS BEHAVING VERY COOL, NO PROBLEM AT ALL IN CONVERSING WITH THEM. I also made new acquaintances with many girls, and not only girls, but people in general, and i was very social.
  • BUT THEN, UNFORTUNATELY, THE RETURN OF THE WET DREAMS CAME, AND IT HIT ME HARD !!! On day 185, after 45 days without one, and then on day 193, THAT ONE WAS THE VERY NASTY, it was a big spill, and i felt very bad after it, then they started getting even more frequent, days 200, 203, 204 :@ :@ :@ On day 206 – a dry dream… Felt like a CRAP through these days. And they seemed to take away some of the benefits i had, and after a wet dream i felt like a relapse: felt nervous around people, and females, could look at them in the eyes, but for short time, and when i did, and they established eye contact, i moved my sight away from them. Felt a little stressed and distressed, also felt like i am not on a 7 month streak, but like i am on 30 days, and my mind/brain started playing me around and convincing me that a relapse isn’t that bad, i had very strong urges in the last two weeks, and i had NASTY FLASHBACKS, and memories were projecting in my head, which i thought i have forgotten a long time ago, but i got reminded of them, and i was very weak early in the morning when i woke up, and was very horny after a WD, the chaser effect kicked in, i was feeling addicted again, although there was no relapse, every wet dream i had in the period 193-204 almost felt like a relapse, took away my energy, made me lazy, anxious, and intimidated my streak awfully.I was afraid of those thoughts i had, they lead me towards the relapse, but i didn’t relapse after all, i stood strong, didn’t give in in no way, but i couldnt use some of the tactics for coping with urges. I am glad i coped with them all in the end. Going back and ruining the progress is not an option. This morning i started having sexual dreams, but i became aware early enough and i woke up without a WD. I don’t think so frequent WDs are a normal thing, since i had them happening at 45 days, and recently got more frequent. Is this normal for a rebooting?
  • Now i am feeling better, and i feel some of my powers or benefits from nofap have returned, i have sensible presence again, i noticed this especially today, since girls were looking at me again, and i could look at them too, and wasn’t feeling stressed or tensed, and i am again very social. Few days ago an absolutely unknown girl gave me her number, just because i rendered her a favor of giving her my phone to have a conversation, because her battery was depleted. She wrote her name in the register and said, call me sometimes to go and drink a coffee at some cafe. 😀 😀 I was like : WHAT HAPPENED RIGHT NOW ??? 😀 I thought “nofap surely works”.
  • One thing i must say, is that the more time you pass on no fap, doesnt guarantee that it will be easier. Even on 200 days, i still had urges and huge temptations.
  • Last of all, i want to make a special mentioning of one friend of mine, thanks to who i managed to maintain my streak and stayed motivated to go ahead even more. This one guy is 2may2015 . He is one day behind me, and always motivates me to keep the distance of one day, he will make 7 months tomorrow. Thank you, man !!! You helped me very much, i hope i have helped you too ! ;D
    I can’t believe i have reached 7 months, although i have serious urges, i am motivated to go ahead and progress in nofap, and Never Return There ! (just had to use this phrase as i always do 😀 😀 ) I am sorry if the post is too long, i just felt like i had to explain these things. If you have any questions, ask me in the comments, i will try to answer everyone.

Keep yourselves strong on nofap, and don’t relapse whatever happens, go hard to achieve success, it’s difficult, but it’s worth it. Peace !

So this is a repost from my original report made yesterday, which got removed, i don’t know why. Hello again. I reached it ! I have made it to one year finally. I was waiting for this to happen for a long time. So today, may 1st, the last year, i failed. But not this year. I will not allow myself to fail anymore, that’s why I am Never_Return_There.

So here is a list of my previous reports, if anyone is interested:

90 days:

160 days:

180 days (not really a full report, but it’s a post that’s worth reading):

210 days report:

Alright, so now i haven’t made a report for the last 5 months. And that’s a lot of time. But there is not much changed since then. There are plenty of positive and some negative things and benefits that i have received from Nofap throughout the whole year, that are described in the previous reports, and which are present even now, and some of them are:

Positive :

  • Better ability to concentrate
  • More depth of understanding and attention
  • More socialized and more talkative, ready to get in and start conversations with people.
  • No more social anxiety. I can calmly look people in the eyes and not feel guilty or feel some shame.
  • Better confidence (this is a double edged sword, i will explain later).
  • I have much better acceptance from people around me, i receive more attention and looks from females, and there are some periods, when i have huge magnetism and i attract a lot of attention.
  • I have much more presence and i am not just the guy that no one sees/notices 😀 (Used to be, when i was in high school sometimes)
  • Bigger mental strength and ability to push away urges/temptations.
  • More devoted, motivated, serious and persistent in other spheres and aspects.
  • Nofap gave me the strength to go and try to abstain from other things, such as giving up fast food, trying to cut back on some processed foods, trying to live healthier, and engaging in other activities.
  • More prone to start trying new and different things in life.
  • After the depression from the rebooting starts to go away (to me it was somewhere at day 130-160), you start to feel more joyous and appreciate life much more.
  • Feeling more calm and collected.
  • Better control over myself.
  • Physical benefits:

My voice has changed, it got deeper, i am a little more hairy, my beard have grown a little more, but i still have a poor beard, i am feeling and looking more masculine, my face got a little better, my eyes are not looking empty and void, more energy, i got a little more tenacious, i can walk up to 20-25 kms a day and i don’t feel tired, but i feel like i can walk even 10 more. Better performance in sports (i play basketball, not a pro, just for fun).

Negative things:

  • Wet dreams – sometimes they happen very frequently, and it’s not cool at all, they can even make you lose some benefits for a day or two, shake you off and knock you out of balance.
  • I expected my lost hair to regrow, but instead it receded even more, so this expectation is broken. After 12 months i didn’t see any improvement. I saw some very little regrowth in the first 60-90 days, but these hairs fell off. So for me, Nofap didn’t regrow my receded hair, but i have a lot less hair shedding.
  • When your male friends find out about you not fapping and you are not in a relationship, you start to look kinda strange to them, even some of them start to think you are not normal. So i try to explain as i can, but some of them just don’t seem to understand.

Things you should be cautious and careful about : – Much confidence is not always good. It can trick you and make you slip, it can make become prideful of your success and think: “OOH, how far have i gone, now looking at these girls and talking to them won’t do no harm. Or looking at this woman on the street, no big deal.” NOW STOP ! DON’T ALLOW THIS THING TO HAPPEN, IT WILL MOST PROBABLY FAIL YOU. This happened to me and at one point, somewhere at 260 days, i was so tricked, that these lustful thoughts started hitting me and i thought that i would fail, but thank God, i didn’t. And it’s not only once, even recently, this happened again, i know i shouldn’t look, but i looked, and guess what, this thing ruins your progress, and it makes it seem that your days of fapping have not been so long ago, and you can return, and you can have some pleasure again, your mind starts playing with you again, no matter your progress. DON’T ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN AT ALL. PROTECT YOURSELF AT ANY COST. Now the hard part is, that once your brain has been stimulated, it’s hard for you to forget about it, and you keep seeing this, and you get reminded about it, and you get tempted to lust, and fall. Thank God again, that i didn’t fall. I had to do a lot of praying and trying to cleanse my mind, and forgetting. Just be very careful, when you reach a lot of days on Nofap, lest you fall, because your mind has mislead you. Don’t listen to these voices that tell you: It’s not that big deal. YES IT IS ! Get humbled.

Now here are some of the things that helped me abstain and resist, and some things that could help you too.

  • Run away when the temptation comes.
  • Praying and reading the Bible.
  • Going outside and walking.
  • Keep saying NO multiple times, until you come to your senses. Sometimes when saying it doesn’t help, scream it in your head. If it doesn’t help, scream it with your voice if you can.
  • Exercise.
  • Remind yourself who you are, and what are you doing, and ask yourself do you really want to do this. Realize the situation, realize the mistakes you could make and what results would it bring. Tell yourself this : You are in NOfap . YOU DON’T FAP OR RELAPSE, YOU GO AHEAD WITHOUT THESE THINGS !
  • Tell yourself you have come this far, it’s not worth it to lose your progress, you can not allow yourself to fail this easy for some stupid pleasure that will make you hate yourself and regret after it’s over. Remember the regrets you had after your relapses.
  • Try to imagine yourself and how you look like if you would fap, but from a side point of view. This really shifts your perception.
  • Go drink cold water. Sprinkle your face with cold water.
  • Try to overcome by any means. exclude the relapse thought of your mind, and DON’T SEEK WAYS TO FAP !!!! Don’t rationalize and find excuses, show some discipline and will, dont allow a failure to happen !
  • Start doing something immediately, get busy with some job, concentrate on something that will take you away from the lusts and the urges.

Finally, i want to say thanks to God for helping me cope with this. Then, thanks to the whole Nofap community.I think i wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for you.I would have failed if there was no Nofap. I got big inspirations and determination from here. Then i want to send special thanks and props to my big friend from Nofap – 2may2015, who is one day behind me, and in fact, he makes one year today (now it’s my 366th day). He helped me move through and not give up, since he always told me to keep the distance of one day between us. So i did it, and will do, and i know he will too ;D

I want to send some encouraging words towards the people who are struggling with this vice: keep trying hard, even if you fail. If i did it, you can do it too, although it may take time. I have been into PMO for 6 years, struggling for 3 years to quit it, now i got 1 year off and away from it. I don’t plan on returning back. These things don’t go away easy. That’s why you must be hard. And remember, that it always comes to you, if you allow this to happen, it will, if you don’t – it won’t. Its a matter of decision and will. So be careful. Peace and have a nice time !

tl;dr – 1 year of Nofap. Feels great. The benefits and tactics to cope are listed above, don’t be lazy to read, you may miss something important 😀