Age 21 – Nofap changed my life. Lots of benefits


All I can say is that since nofap my entire life has changed. My family relationships have changed from me being selfish, careless and emotionless, to a loving, helping and appreciated family member. I’ve had a few flirty things with women due to increased confidence and drive towards women as well as accepting them as a human being. I even have a date with someone this Saturday, and they’re shaping up to be quite the catch.

But most of all, I was accepted into a graduate scheme. I did a completely irrelevant degree and shouldn’t have been given the light of day, due to getting a 2:2 (English degree here) which generally is a low grade, however my personality shined throughout the assessment day and i was accepted due to my hard work, confidence and interaction with people. I guess they saw that I could be a good team member.

None of this would have been possible, if I hadn’t of discovered nofap. You may relapse and get frustrated, but at the end of the day everyone has to start somewhere. Just keep going and never stop, because regardless of what happens, the will power to keep improving your own life eventually pays off

I understand my badge says 9 days, but trust me, I’ve got streaks well into the 80 days and been doing this for roughly over a year now.

I am 21 and i’ve watched porn pretty much everyday from the age of 12/13 – for about 7/8 years. I decided to quit one day, when I noticed that even porn wasn’t getting me hard and somehow I stumbled across this forum.

As for benefits, of course one being social. I can just walk up to a group of people and introduce myself. Im quite a shirt guy, 5’6 to be exact and that held me back a lot, but now my shortness is really a conversation starter and doesn’t put me off social gatherings as much. Being more social also comes with increased confidence. Determination and will power is better. I’m currently up at 5:30am to study before my 9-5:30 graduate scheme/job. In general easier to hold conversation with women and easier to flirt, it’s just not awkward anymore. Even though being short and skinny, I still feel very much alpha. You can see it when you talk to another person and their eye contact backs down, or isn’t even there to start with. Never really tired anymore. I can go a whole day at work and never lose focus once.

And last more time for do the stuff I need to do. No more sitting there trying to find that perfect video for hours on end, and no more ‘chilling’ for ages after I had done it. Time is either productive, social or relaxing documentaries before bed. Life is good.

LINK – Nofap changed my life.

by DaBradders


UPDATE – To the people who think this is fake and not real,


It is real, and I’ve experienced it a hell of a lot in the past few years.

I have gone from the social outcast, being scared of social gatherings to sitting home playing games instead of joining the people who invited me out, to the person who “everyone loves at work” to the person who was “a lad during your presentation” to the person who never saw as un-happy and if they did it would “make them unhappy and avoid me” because it would seem so un-natural that i wasn’t happy.

My life has changed. I’ve gone from being desperate to finding a reason to live, from having counseling every week for two years on and off, to a person who has found his calling. In just these past two weeks I have been invited to EVERY single social gathering and gone to every single one, I have studied 5am-8:30am gone to work for a 9am-5:30pm and then studied from 7pm-10pm and slept every day, to find more knowledge and learn the career that i have chosen as an IT Consultant. I have been told I am the most sociable person in our work place, the happiest guy and people want to be around me…

It may seem I’m saying this to boost and be a dick, but i want to cry at how much my life has turned around… At one point i really didn’t know why i was alive, why i even existed… Now everyday is full of joy, friends and just opportunities. I’m joining a gym tomorrow and another fella agreed to join a dance club with me after work, as we’re both keen on clubbing and let’s be honest dancing gets the eyes of many women, plus we love it!

I beg you to continue your journey, and if you have any questions, please message me. I have been here for two years and I’m gonna be here for years to come.

Thank you for your time.