Age 21 – Not an addict, still saw HUGE benefits

Before I started, I noticed a lack of nofap submissions from people who were already at a relatively high point in their life and was curious to see if it would yield similar benefits

so I decided to give it a shot and thought I’d share my own story so far to help others see from a different POV and convince MORE people to join NoFap!

I started NoFap exactly 21 days ago. I’m 21 years old. I did PMO quite a bit, 4 times a week. When I started I didn’t have social anxiety (on the contrary I considered myself very confident), already had a raging sex drive, and was physically fit; no problems with eye contact… Regardless, I still saw NUMEROUS benefits from NoFap! (note: I began with mild acne, 2-3/week).

Results so far:

*ACNE FREE. SERIOUSLY THE MAIN REASON I WON’T RELAPSE. I had very mild acne before but this ZERO-acne life really allow my skin to heal itself!

*voice did in fact deepen, not once, but TWICE, and stabilized (LOVE having a deeper voice! Didn’t like my voice much before)

*voice did not show any more hesitation or uncertainty even when publicly talking about subjects I wasn’t prepared for

*metabolism gone up again (a little annoying, considering how high mine was to begin with)

*Walking posture improved NOTICEABLY. It wasn’t bad at all before (I’m a dancer), but now it’s great and I get comments on it.

*HIGHER standards for opposite sex (contrary to what I thought would happen

*Broad field of vision (like you would have on a good day)

*Even higher sex drive, I approach more often and get approached more often; I’m more open-minded towards different types of women (I’m heterosexual)

*Better lifts at the gym

*I was quite impulsive to begin with (I was not particularly self-conscious about other people’s opinions) but I became EVEN MORE so, but of course within reasonable social limits. I just ACTED more often on the thoughts I’d have… say before was 60% action, now I’m at 85% action!

For the curious, here’s a week-by-week on the progress:

Day 3- Antsy, lower standards than usual when finding girls attractive
Day 7- voice drop #1, acne mostly gone! Field of vision has “broadened,” as would happen on days I’m very happy (for those of you familiar with Broaden and Build theory of psychology) Went to bars this weekend, standards SHOT UP, not looking to settle with just any interested girl anymore. a bit sleep deprived but noticed that it takes less of a toll on me now and I sleep better

Day 14- voice drop #2, now clearly acne-free, scars healing quickly, Field of vision still broad I noticed that my posture has improved TREMENDOUSLY and I continue getting more looks from both sexes *Noticed that whenever I was asked to speak publicly (20+ people) about a topic I was unsure of, I would still have some mental hesitation like before (since I was unsure), but when I spoke my voice lacked ANY hint of hesitation, surprising even myself.

Day 21 (today)- voice didn’t drop again, but is now at a very stable, smooth, low tone. Relatively acne-free, but had two for the past few days due to late nights at bars, I get back at 5-6am, low sleep. Noticed that this week I was getting some RIDICULOUS waves of horniness but I’ve become much better at controlling them now (gym and socializing)

Thank you guys for this AWESOME subreddit!!!

LINK – A different perspective: NoFap results when already at a high point in life!

by rlin12