Age 21 – People treat me differently, have a lot of success with girls


Life is amazing. Too short to be lived by fapping. I’m not just alive anymore, I am living. I have found my identity and I wish you all can find yours. Cheers brothers.

I’m 21. I just did [NoFap]  ‘out of curiosity’ once for 7 days, and after I relapsed I could feel the difference. I used to pmo at least twice a day and it would kill my motivation for everything else. I feel like I’ve fapped my teenage years away, but I still got plenty of time to enjoy life so I’m glad I stopped.

Benefits…so so many! Everyday I feel more like the person I aspire to be. People treat me differently, had and have a lot of success with girls, sometimes without even trying. One thing I noticed is I’m not really motivated to hook up with girls in the club, especially if they are a bit drunk. I prefer picking up girls at daytime and cultivating a more serious relationship, but maybe that’s a personal thing.

I’m busy all the time, study gym hanging out…don’t need motivation anymore, I just do it. I remember things much more easily, used to struggle with people’s names, not anymore. Now I’m genuinely interested in people, and this makes conversations more natural. No more awkwardness, more assertive…I speak my mind without hesitation. You view girls under a different light without pmo, eye contact is natural and sometimes crazy (crazy good).

I could go on for days, anyways just do it! You’ll see how it is.

LINK – 90 Days

By Kuosh



I know it’s not easy at the beginning, I’ve been through it for two years before managing this streak. It was when I lost my 70 days streak that I realized it just wasn’t worth it. And yet I kept relapsing again for a few months before managing this one. But now my life has changed so much, that I will never want to go back to the miserable one I had before. Keep fighting, the light at the end of the tunnel is bright 🙂

There is one simple reason why you can’t stop relapsing: you are weak. You can’t resist, you cave in easily, in short, you’re a pussy. Here’s the truth: only WE really make it. We, the ones with 90+ days. Because we are strong, and you are not.

But you can be. Just stop being a pussy. Stop lying to yourself saying that everything is okay, that your life is okay and that you are satisfied with who you are. You are not, because if you are in this sub, it means that you want some change in your life. You just have to realize that the benefits of nofap far outweighs the little pleasure you get from pmo.

By all means, if you are currently satisfied with your life then keep doing what you have always done. But if you are not, then lying to yourself is the WORST thing you can do.

You have to realize that nobody is going to help you in these matters. Everybody has got their own shit to take care of, so unless YOU take action then nothing will ever change. Life is short. There’s no time for regrets.

This has been my longest streak so far, and in this almost-a-year period I have achieved far more than in any other year of my life, and nofap played a huge part in it. Not fapping by itself won’t be enough, but it will be the catalyst that unclouds your mind, let you take action and finally be FREE!

Cold showers, deleting Instagram and such advices DO help. But in the end, you gotta have the right mindset. Just stop. Cold turkey. Stop being a passive cuck.

Don’t fap your life away, brothers. Life really is beautiful and you deserve to experience it fully!!

Just ask yourself who do you want to be. If you’re not confident, it means that who you are doesn’t match who you want to be. Live each day of your life working towards the person you want to be (sorry for being repetitive), and just being in the process of changing will give you some confidence.

What worked for me: Always trying to push my boundaries, to get out of the comfort zone. Being more social, having a long-term goal and working towards it every day. Gym, dancing.. Also, big thing for me: fapping to porn made me feel subconsciously ashamed, and people (especially girls, they are more sensitive) can feel this. If you have nothing to hide and respect yourself, people will respect you too. Also, set boundaries. If someone asks you to do something that you don’t feel is right (for whatever reasons), tell them. Your actions have to match who you are.

If you ever want to talk, feel free to pm me, we’re all brothers here 🙂

We are supposed to release by fucking, but now people just fap to porn at the first urge. So direct that energy towards bettering yourself and finding someone you can love! [I] had a few hookups, been dry for a while though