Age 21 – PIED cured after 1.5 year journey. Depression is a lot better. Girlfriend too!

I started nofap after I lost my ability to achieve an erection at age 19. At my peak I was masturbating up to 5 or 6 times a day and watching porn for multiple hour long stretches. I also was on depression medication

(Turns out jerking off all day doesn’t leave you happy – who would have thunk?)

I took a different approach then the “Cold Turkey” method. I slowly cut down my masturbating to once a week. It made it a lot easier for me. I started to see a slight recovery. I got off my depression medication because naturally I was feeling better when not masturbating all the time (Do not do this without talking to your doctor first.)

The largest change came a couple months ago when I got my first serious girlfriend. We are pretty crazy about each other, but unfortunately sex was kind of tough for us at first. Between my performance anxiety, PIED and her performance anxiety (Yes girls can get it too, it becomes like a desert down there) it made things difficult.

But while kissing her, and doing other stuff we both started to feel more comfortable and we slowly improved. It’s been 2 1/2 months since we started our relationship, and now I can get erections simply by kissing her. Before it would take 20 or so minutes of her pleasuring me to even get a halfy, or nothing at all.

Getting a partner that you can trust and tell everything too for sure made this journey easier. Currently neither of us masturbate. Yesterday, we ended up having sex 5 times and the only time I was a little soft was on the final time, which at that point is completely normal. Not only is my sex drive higher, but sex feels better too.

Your penis isn’t supposed to be rubbing up against something as hard as your hand. I will never masturbate again, nor ever watch porn again.

LINK – Almost Fully Recovered After a Year and a half journey.

by mynofapdiary