Age 21 – PIED cured. I am a new man, in many ways.

I was never one of these guys who had social anxiety. I could get any girl I wanted, it was easy and the whole scene bored me very quickly. I didn’t give a fuck and girls loved me for it (genuinely)…. but there was always something missing.

As I am sure every single guy in this thread could relate to. Now it’s never anything major. It’s not noticeable just a constant feeling of being empty.

Until one day. I decided to get the answers for why my dick wouldn’t work for 1 hot girl and the other. I spent soo long of my life watching people fuck that it leads to the inability of me fucking. Plugging myself into a little monitor and watching people have wild crazy fulfilling sex left me empty and alone in my room with a screen and low dopamine, and a dick that didn’t work.

Now unlike others I started my search for answers straight away. And that is when I stumbled upon genuinely the greatest thing in my life. Which was YBOP.

I at the time had the exact same wild crazy wrenching crippling motions you guys will soon discover. from vivid and violent images popping into your head to insomnia and doing everything in your power to not turn on some porn (it’s irrelevant now).

So I did it. Relapsed a few times had an amazing girl supporting me through every last bit of it how she best knew. and I really did come out the other side victorious.

But that was not the biggest triumph; the biggest triumph was in me. I was always into bodybuilding and the gym. Was the biggest guy I knew from 15 – 18 with no competition (whilst watching porn) but still that was not the biggest triumph.

The only way I can describe it t you is when you have slowly but surely been chipping away at a career. Now I had no qualifications, I dropped out of 2 colleges and had a CV that looked worst the a dogs asshole. But there was one thing I had, that a very select group of people have (You for exact) was a tiny secret that was meant for the greatest people on this fucking planet to understand. The pure unrelenting ambition of an 18 year old that wanted to be nothing but a millionaire from running around with kids in the school yard (which you have in your own versions) and people telling me I couldn’t do it only made me laugh at them.

So the story goes a little bit like this. I was a door knocker. That guy that knocks on your door and tries to sell you something. But I was good, on commission only I managed to make a living for myself for 3 weeks until I realised and wised up quick. that I would never achieve my goal like that. So I quit that job and got another, and another, and another. Until my CV looked even worse and I was the riskiest bet a company could have in a single employee (At the level I am). But still because of the attitude I have and the experience I have working in other countries etc. I made it there. And this is not me bragging about how I’ve done it. This is so I can represent the endless possibilities that harnesses that little spark in your chest can do for you. But unless you’ve abstained for a while that temporary energy that you get after having a wank is short term. I’m talking about the very real possibility of having no sex and no release for a year on end.

Now that energy is what runs this world. And call it bullshit but until you have got to that point and self belief you will not believe it. So head my advice. Stop what you’re doing this second. Look away from that computer screen. Go out into that big world. And build yourself YOUR life exactly how YOU want it. Mine is very nearly there. It’s been 3 years now. I think it’s time for you now

LINK – This is my story. let it fill you with a glimor of fucking ambition and hope.

BY – nevergivein


INITIAL POST: 18 MONTHS EARLIER – The dangerously slippery slope.

This is a message to all, from a former member. Who in a moment of curiosity destroyed what took over 9 months to create. When you recover, in between then and having a normal balanced healthy life style, your brain will go through many changes. And remember through all of this. It is NOT i repeat NOT worth going back to porn, if you are having the lowest days of your life. It should not, and will not make a difference to where you want to be, we have the intelligence to learn from other peoples mistakes. So please learn from mine.

I went from having amazing healthy sex, to not so good sex, after just a few sessions of pmo. After 9 months of going through the hardest period. I finally made it through to the other side, and in one second of absolute madness, destroyed everything.

My message to everyone is to not test yourself, I watched porn and was immune to it, it didn’t really do anything for me. And then I had a craving to do it again, and it all fell down. You have to remember that this is stopping you from being the absolute best person you can be, and I was, and will be again. Do not test yourself. If you think what it’s like after, just accept that from this point, right now your reading this. You promise yourself deep down in your stomach, that you will never watch porn again, and be happy about it. Accept it and make peace.