Age 21 – PIED cured in 40 days


I am 21 years old now as of the 17 of this month and I suspected I had PIED when I was watching porn with an erection and minutes later I was in bed with a real girl and there was no erection. I started that day March 14th cold turkey no PMO and after that I failed to get a erection on multiple occasions with a new girl that I was talking to.

I was in flatline since day It drove me crazy not having any libido or drive. But I stuck with it first thing I adopted healthier habits b/c I thought my testosterone might be low such as better sleep, healthier eating habits, soaking up the sun, etc. This combined with no PMO is what I believe helped b/c it’s like my brain was adjusting to new habits and routines. And then eventually I redeemed myself with the girl I talk to now I just was ready to go and my erection didn’t die while trying to get the condom on like usually. I went from PIED to birthday sex and a girlfriend in approximately 40 days, never turning back.

The results of my 30 day experiment were: better sleep, clearer mind, slightly more socially inclined.

[Advice to others] And no PMO. only O with a female. But don’t strive to O, just learn to be intimate with her again slowly and during your time off from PMO your dick will require and she will be your new focus. I know b/c I got a girlfriend during my reboot and multiple times I couldn’t get erect with her, and I just rocked her world for about an hour yesterday so you can do it bro. Cold Turkey!

This was my first attempt with only one near relapse b/c of social media. With that being said bro this is the trick, the secret, that everyone else doesn’t grasp easily. You must delete as much of artificial stimulation out of your life it doesn’t have to be P anything explicit or suggestive such as twerking videos or big booty fan pages, and vine comps cut those off as well.

Not only can they lead to relapse your brain is basically substituting this for porn so your dopamine is going to still be jacked up. Instead, do things in place of that such as reading a book, or playing a sport, socialize with friends, exercise etc. The more you become pleased with these activities the more your brain is pleased with these activities and viola reset. I wish I would’ve known about this way before man

I can’t forget to mention if you might be suffering PIED, PA, stress or whatever the case may be do kegels. Someone on this sub told me 3 sets of 10 holding and releasing for 5 secs each day or every other day if you don’t want to overdo it.


By marcussweetwater21

UPDATE – (63 days) I will reach 90 days and you guys probably won’t see me again

I am so grateful for finding this community because it really is beneficial to all who allow it to be. I have made it to 45 days on my first attempt and completely cured PIED. But relapsed shortly thereafter because I thought I was invincible.

Well because of the slip-up I once again have PIED. The reason my current streak is 62 is because I have not ejaculated in this amount of days and at the time I don’t count it as a  relapse if I don’t ejaculate whether that be with or without porn. I just recently started a hard mode streak which I am on day 32 of and I am never going back to PMO I swear. I have not seen a pornographic video or gif in this time haven’t browsed any sites nothing of the sort.

But for all of you guys struggling I’ve been to the other side and I’m going to get back there and remain there forever. I will update you guys on my experience and feelings at 90 days and then I will bid you all adeui. For the time that I am here I will continue to soak up y’all wisdom and help out whenever and wherever I can as well but once day 90 is here I will be moving on through. Good luck on your journey and I hope to see you guys at the 90 day mark as well.