Age 21 – PIED gone, higher self-image, confidence boost


I realized that i could always get it up during sexy time with my so, but always has a hard time cumming unless i grasped it with my hand, which indeed is very detrimental to our sexual relationship. Ever since i stopped it’s been a gradual process, but now i can confidently say that my ED’s definitely gone 🙂

I’m 21. The increase in confidence is definitely true. I really felt like i could take on the world after a couple of days stopping, but around after the first month you do start to flat line but that’s because you’re just used to operating with full confidence levels i guess haha

I stopped porn and masturbating mainly coz of ED, and how miserable i felt after doing the deed. Now i can say that ED’s gone and porns out of my system

Extreme boost in confidence after the first month or so, eventually flatlined, but the long term benefits of having an increase in my self-esteem reaaaally balances out the seconds of pleasure and self-loathing you get. Also started with nofap cos i had some ED problems, now i can say that the ED’s out of my system and im more confident in bed too granted i have a higher self image of myself.

Lastly, i think its just all about holding yourself to higher self-esteem and knowing that if you have the discipline to STOP any addictive activity then you have the ability to do anything in your life.

LINK – 130 days in. Thank you NoFap

By ramzaaa