Age 21 – PIED gone, I have sex with my girlfriend normally


I’ve learned about noFap a couple years ago. Since then i’ve known that i have a problem with porn. It’s hard to see if you are addicted or not, but when i tried to stop, I couldn’t, and then i found out how addicted I was. The reason that motivated me to stop watching porn was ED.

I had troubles getting it up, and it was because of that, or because I was nervous I don’t know. The time passed, and I went through a lot of trials and retrials, relapsing a lot. Now I have no problems, no ED, nothing. I have a girlfriend, and we have sex normally, but there is another problem. She hates the idea of me watching porn, it makes her feel that she is not enough for me. I don’t want to hurt her, I don’t want to keep watching porn, I don’t see the point in it.

I have a girlfriend, I have sex, why do I have to watch other people fucking on a screen? Today I masturbated, and ejaculated, for the first time in a long time, I used to edge all the time, and haven’t ejaculated masturbating to porn since months ago. This was the last time. I don’t want to hurt my girlfriend, I don’t want to ruin my relationship, I don’t want to waste time watching that shit on a screen.

I wanted to share my reasons with you. Write in here for the first time, because now I have to do whatever I can to stop, keep my motivation up. And reading and sharing these experiences with you help a lot. I want to be free. Have control over myself, and if I can’t stop this when I want to, then I have no control over me, and my life. Today is day 0. And a new beginning, my new life free of porn. Never again.

I am 21. I know [PIED] can come back, but it is not what concerns me at the moment. I’m just tired of being addicted to [porn], of not being able to stop.

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By Wixdog