Age 21 – PIED improving, pushing my comfort zone


I now get boners from kissing and rubbing up, although not super rock hard. But it’s definitely an improvement compared to before. Before, I wouldn’t be able to get hard from a blowjob. It was that bad. (Probably porn-induced). I haven’t attempted sex, but I did achieve orgasm from receiving a handjob.

I have had one wet dream. I dream a lot more about sexual things compared to before.

Things that I have been doing that may or may not be related to nofap since the new year, but probably has helped me with self improvement overall. Following my goals: making more music, jamming with more people, making youtube videos, etc. Changing my major from Economics to Anthropology. Economics, I didn’t really have an interest in.

Eating Chia seeds every morning. Drinking more water. Getting cardio exercise at least once a week.

Pushing my comfort zone to help my social anxiety (saying hi to people, starting up random conversations, hi fiving people). I have decided to give up study drugs for the time being (adderall and modafinil). I haven’t smoked weed either, but I might return to do so soon. I have started to meditate by sitting and looking at a wall for about 10 minutes.

It is super hard and tempting to go back to fapping, but I know I can’t. Keep yourself busy and follow your goals. I love you all.

I’ve been clean since the new year.

LINK – 31 Day Report

by xXxsillyboyxXx