Age 21 – Published my book, closed a chapter of my life

I remember reading other people’s 90 day reports and being inspired. I can’t believe that today’s my day. The key things for me:

  • workout every fucking day (do something)
  • meditate if you can (5 mins)
  • run (running helped for me because I got out of the house)
    Those were my trifectas that helped me.

It’s insane because for the first time on a streak after countless relapses. I was focused. And I’ve never been focused with life in general. It was amazing because when I fapped. I would have this anxiety, doubt and I’d overthink things to extremes.

I put a lot of that emotion into my character. The same ones I would feel after relapsing. That’s the only thing fapping was good for. But I feel ive left that part, the whole fapping etc, feeling crappy emotions into this book.

It’s like that chapter of my life is finished. (Literally).

If you guys wanna check it out here’s the link. Again. Any questions leave them below. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

LINK – Day90 – I f*ckin published my book! The Superpowers + reboot

by DesignxDesign