Age 21 – Putting energy into other and better things

I think something does alter inside, you really do put your effort into other things once you, first of all, stop PMO and then get rid of edging. You do see people as more than or something other than just a sex object.

I’ll be honest I am an introverted and narcisstic person, you can look through my posts, so I dont change too much. But for those of you wishing to get some energy, change your perspective on sex and be more involved with people you would usually be afraid if approaching, keep at it. Masturbation is a bad habit and can be an addiction and with those sorts of behaviour, your life revolves around it and you become tunnel visioned. Ultimately it’s a barrier on your true self.

Other posters have said it, it’s not superpowers, it’s you reverting back to you.

[I’ve experimented with NoFap because] I dislike masturbating and porn really and have had moments of wanting to stop since I was 14 but just thought nah…

The benefits are putting energy into other and better things.

I ‘used’ porn since are 12 but saw it consistently from age 7. And I’m 21.

LINK – What I’m finding after 120 days.

By MPJFitz