Age 21 – Relationship with fiancee has improved, more confident and strong

with the help of an amazing support team including my wonderful fiancee, I have gone 15 months without masturbating. I would love to take the time to give advice/talk about my story/answer any questions. You all are super courageous for going on this journey, and I would love to help in any way possible.

I have seen many benefits! My relationship with my fiancee has improved, I have felt more confident and strong, I have less guilt clouding my mind, etc. etc. (I could list more if you want them). I was 20 when I quit, I’m 21 now.

[I quit] because I was early on in my relationship with my now fiancee, and I really wanted to see her from a perspective untainted by pornography/masturbation. That was the initial decision, but after that I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful support system (2 friends in particular) who held me accountable and stuck with me and constantly encouraged me about how much better things could be. I was just ready to see people in a different light. Throughout the entire time I was masturbating (pretty much at least once a day for 6 years, no break longer than 3 weeks) I noticed some disturbing trends in my thought process. I began to dehumanize people (in particular, women) and I wanted (needed) that to stop. My relationship with my girlfriend was fine before I quit, but I know for sure we wouldn’t still be together if I hadn’t been able to clear my head from porn.