Age 21 – Social anxiety gone, just gave a speech in front of 250+ people


A 21 yo male here. If you wanna know about my background you can read my previous post. I came to know about NoFap in January end, and started my first reboot (90 days hard mode) right away. During the reboot I experienced the following benefits.

  • Got an internship – I have been selected for an awesome internship opportunity at an awesome company. Earlier I was a serial procrastinator and was barely surviving my college life. After fapping I felt lethargic I used to waste rest of my day. I didn’t feel like doing anything. NoFap gave me the necessary determination, motivation and perseverance during the preparation phase. I worked really hard and it finally paid off. Had I been fapping, I would have never worked hard for this and my life would be as miserable as before.
  • Mental Health Improved – I feel calm and can concentrate for longer period of time. Brain fog is reduced to a great extent. I feel and behave like a normal person again.
  • Confidence Increased – I had social anxiety before starting the reboot. Now let me tell you how I feel now. Well, I just gave a speech on stage in front of 250+ people the other day. So you can guess how much I have improved. Before NoFap, I couldn’t hold eye contact for a second. Now I can do it for as long as I want. My “don’t give a fuck” ability is getting stronger day by day.
  • Stamina Through The Roof – Boy oh boy. I have so much energy even after 5-6 hours of sleep at night. Previously I was tired even after 9 hours sleep. I can run 5 kms+ at one go and workout for 4-5 days a week. I have done swimming, running and weight lifting all in a single day with no signs of fatigue. Don’t feel like taking a rest day anymore.
  • Sensitivity Regained – Morning woods, spontaneous erections are back. PIED has still not cured completely but there is noticeable improvement.

I crossed 90 day mark pretty easily. Since I experienced so many benefits I decided to continue NoFap for the lifetime. As the time passed my body was craving for dopamine. I was constantly fantasising and browsing photos of girls on social media. I relapsed on 112th day when I was alone at home. NoFap made me realise my true potential. We are capable of doing much more than what we actually do. We just need to channel our energy in the right direction. From my experience, you must exercise regularly during the reboot. The energy generated by out body needs to be utilised in the right way. My relapse occurred when I had not exercised for many days

Brothers, you must experience what 100+ days of NoFap feels like. Then you’ll want to continue this journey till your lifetime. I am starting the second reboot from tomorrow and I need your wishes. Feel free to AMA.

LINK – After 112 days of NoFap, I have reached the pinnacle of my life and realised my true potential. My benefits, tips and experiences.

By Hustle_King