Age 21 – Social anxiety gone, people respect me

I have been here for over a year relapsed…. struggled… got down….. but u guys never let me give out. I always read the inspirational words by u all and always got up again and again.

At present I have finished 76 successful days on hardmode. Things that I noticed like most of u are

1. increased stamina amd tolerance both mental and physical

2 increased confidence and self respect

3 an special kind of happiness perhaps “bliss” I m feeling

4. had a flatline 39-64 th day and no attractions no wet dreams during this period anxiety is gone. people respect me more my family members respect me more and even ask my opinion om every matter

6.eyes are brighter face is more glowing hairs look great

7.studies r better

8. people fear from me if I shout or glower on someone they take me seriously as if I m the beast incarnate brock lesnar lol and it never happened ever in my entire life!!!!!

9. I m now more religious minded

10. no fear of eye balling or talkimg with girls. and a couple of occasions I noticed girls getting shy around me during this 76 days.

11. had 6-7 wet dreams during this period and felt very high level of urges after each next day of a wet dream

I m from india my name is vishwajeet I m 21 year old male.

thts all thats wht I felt thank u all thank u guys keep calm and keep the streak alive and continue inspiring me thanks a lot once agin all the best to u all brother fapstronautes!!!!

LINK – Day 76, 14 more day and i m graduated in fapstronomy lol 😀

by no0oofap