Age 21 – Social anxiety is almost gone, I’m calmer, People treat me nicer, More energetic & I want to try new things


Well I was here helping whoever I could and i just thought: “Hey I should write my own story”. So here I am hoping to inspire and help some of the fellow Fapstronauts. Lets take it from the start. I am 22 years old and i have been fapping -or was to be more accurate- since I was 10 or 11.

I discovered porn from my cousin who was older than me and then I got addicted. For years I thought it was normal but I was blind to the truth. One day I just stopped and I realized that I felt amazing without PMO. It took me a long time to reach this point with a lot of ups and downs but i have made it

How I did it:
Well by blocking all P websites I knew, enabling google safe search and deleting anything related to P I had in my PC. In the beginning it was hard not to fap (I managed without P fine believe it or not) and I was always horny but I said no and I made it. If you don’t feed the urges then they return weaker and weaker.

Also i trained my will power and it helped a lot because on day 90 I had a really strong urge like I had to fap no matter what. Also keeping yourselves occupied is a must.

Working out helped me a lot to blow steam off so whenever I had an urge i just did some push-ups and then if the urge was not gone I was too tired to fap.


I lost a lot of weight (also due to working out) and fast.I tried in the past to lose weight but with no success but with NoFap it is like my metabolism worked overtime.

I am more energetic and I want to try different things. Also my social anxiety is almost gone. I mean i still feel nervous in some situations but I am way way more comfortable around people now.

People seem to treat me nicer. I mean before NoFap i thought everyone was against me but now everyone is nice to me and enjoys my company.I have to add that i am more calm as a person.Before Nofap i had trouble controlling myself because i was short-tempered but now I am more calm and i do not get pissed of that easily.

The female attraction. This is a delicate subject. I am more attracted to women now more than before.I mean before NoFap you could show me a very beautiful woman and i would just go “meh she is OK”. Also it works the other way around.I do get more looks from women now and some smiles here and there and it feels good. I am also able to maintain eye contact without any difficulty and also keeping a conversation going.(Note: I do work out but don’t imagine someone like Arnold.I still have a beer belly but i am not that fat anymore. I am 74-75 kg so you get the point I think. I do consider myself attractive and in the end if you don’t feel comfortable about yourself then you are not going anywhere).Don’t think that after NoFap you will be like a God and every woman will look at you and say:”Wow look at him he is so handsome” or something like that. You will get attention just don’t over react.(I am speaking out of what I have noticed but everyone is different)

To everyone who is struggling:”Go F yourselves I did it so take that” (Just kidding. I have a weird sense of humor. See below).

If you are struggling then keep going. If you find it difficult then think again. All you need to do is to focus on what you want. Don’t let your habit take control over you. You might think that it is impossible but it is all in your head. There is a little voice that is telling you to do things that will lead to breaking your streak but you must not listen to that voice. I am going to write something that i read on the internet some time ago.

There are two wolves fighting inside of us all. The one is the evil and the other is the good.The one who wins is the one you feed. So up to you. Which one will you feed? No one is going to cast a spell and then the habit is gone or there is not going to appear any genie to help you. You can only help yourselves so do it.

That is all from me I apologize for the long post and i hope i could help some people who still struggle. Remember everyone that it takes a road to be a rider

LINK – 100+ days of NoFap

by w95chris