Age 21 – Stay off the forums and concentrate on life


I’ve been trying to quit porn for years but i never lasted more than two weeks. This time i incredibly succeeded for the first time and not thanks to some magic pills or with a particular mindset, i just took it easy. Really guys, stop spending your time on forums talking about it.

It was really that easy, one day i stopped and did something else, i started to spend my time in a different way and that’s it. I just stopped to think about it in a couple of days and then i realized there was no urge to masturbate or to watch porn.

Delete everything and concentrate on your life… get a girl (if you don’t know how to do it work on it), get a hobby, get a job, get friends ecc If you don’t know how to do it spend your time figuring out how to do it and try it until you succeed. 

I’m really into sport from when i was a kid so i took it for granted but sport in general it’s key… makes you feel better and teaches you that the results come only after long time commitment


But the passive mentality of thinking that staying in your room waiting for the urge to pass is useless: i did it for 2 years!

It may sound that 1 month is not a big deal but for me is huge and i don’ t have intentions on stopping, and not because it’s going to be challanging and i wanna succeed in 100/200/300 days… just i don’t give a fuck anymore about porn, i didn’ t think about it 2 weeks straight until today that i had a dream where i was having sex with a pornstar but when i woke up it didn’t change everything, it’s no more part of me.

And it’s not a flatline cause my sex drive is really ok, probably better. Try it.

I’m 21.

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by qweruiop