Age 21 – The best decision I have made in my short life


Today I celebrate my 91st day. It’s not been easy at all, this is my third year on Nofap and after about 200 3-day streaks I have finally managed. I don’t feel invincible, I haven’t been plowing supermodels and I didn’t sprout a connor mcgregor beard overnight. I did reclaim my humanity and realize what it means to be on this earth in collaboration with others.

The benefits of nofap are individual, the amount of damage the addiction did will dictate how much life you have been missing, and conversely how much you will get back when you stop Pmoing.

I started fapping feverishly (+1 times) each day when I was 13, and continued until 20.

7 years I gave to pmo and after this streak I have reclaimed 3 months. Though that is a small small fraction (3/84 months) I have noticed that I now possess mental clarity and emotional stability. My brain fog is gone and I am learning emotional stability by experiencing real emotions.

As a wanker I never knew happiness, stress, sadness, just existing… well I can say emotions are awesome (GOOD AND BAD).

I won’t fap again but I’ll never forget, the theme parks in my brain from PMO aren’t gone yet, and if I let my guard down I’ll relapse because I am an addict and that’s just how it goes.

If you have doubts I can say without hesitation that nofap was the best decision I have ever made in my short life. I’m 21. [The benefits are] not so mich a bullet point list to me. it is a new way of looking at stuff.


LINK – 91 days

By EquestrianWrangler26