Age 21 – The dark cloud of PIED has cleared away

After struggling with PEID for 3 years (17-20) I finally had enough. I broke down and confessed to my father that I could not get an erection with a girl. (I had never really talked to my dad about my sexual relationships with any of my girlfriends before so this was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do).

Thankfully, he was extremely supportive wasn’t going to stop trying to help me overcome my problem until it was fixed. He is an orthodontist and has several friends in the medical field so he got me in with a urologist that evening.

I told him my situation and he simply gave me a small dose of Vallium and Cialis and diagnosed me with “Sexual performance anxiety”. He recommended that I go see a psychologist and discuss my anxiety issues. He asked me if I might just not be into women and suggested that I might be gay. I walked out in the middle of the session.

Months later is when I discovered NoFap and THANK GOD for this community that sheds light on this new epidemic.

I guess I sort of knew deep down that porn was my problem, but it was also my solution to run away and hide from the reality of my limp penis which had caused me so much depression and sense of worthlessness. I did have some anxiety from worrying about not being about to get an erection but the drugs didn’t help. It wasn’t anxiety that was keeping me from getting an erection it was the numbed response I had when I was with an actual girl from all of the years I had watched porn.

I am just so confused as to why the medical field hasn’t caught onto this porn epidemic yet and why people accept porn as such a natural thing. Porn is the opposite of natural. More young men struggle with ED than you realize but many of them are too prideful to admit it. I know I was. Don’t be afraid to help out a guy who may be in desperate need.

My ED is completely gone. My life has improved in every possible way because the dark cloud of PIED that had been hanging over my head has cleared away and I can see that sun again. I feel like a middle schooler when I am around a girl. If she puts her hands on my body, my penis is standing at attention which is a much better problem to have than what I had been used to previously.

LINK – Why are doctors not aware of PIED? 

by RippedPony