Age 21 – Way more confident, assertive and I look people straight in the eyes. Erections are great.

It took me 6 months but I finally reached the 90 day mark so I’ll stop lurking and start contributing. I was very skeptical at first so I know how that works. I hope this will help convince some other skeptical people.

Before nofap, I was your typical loser. I couldn’t hold eye contact, couldn’t find the courage to even talk to girls, I’d let people bully me around, I spoke with a soft effeminate voice, had no hobbies except molesting my own penis, mediocre grades in school, no job.

Now, after 6 months of nofap attempts, here’s what changed:

  • people keep telling me I changed and that I look better, but they can’t explain exactly what changed.
  • I’m way more confident, assertive and I look people straight in the eyes
  • I’m still a virgin but I made out with my high school crush and another girl I met at a party. I’m still a little too nervous to lose my virginity but I’m sure I will soon
  • I always wake up with an erection. That rarely happened before
  • I sleep around 6 hours a day, and I used to sleep 8 or 9, but I have more energy than I used to.
  • straight As
  • started reading at least 100 pages per day, with no more than 30% of that being literature
  • got my first job, and it has a lot to do with my University subject so I’m sure it’s going somewhere

When I failed and fapped, I had way less energy and I started being shy and unassertive again so I’m quite sure these aren’t all coincidences.

Stay strong!

by newmerightnow