Age 22 – 10 years of PIED & DE: Finally had sex & orgasmed last night without the help of pills!

Before I tell you my story here is a little bit of info. I started watching porn and masturbating in middle school around age 12, I am a 22 year old college student now.

I would PMO 3-4 times EVERY DAY for 10 years.

As you guys can guess, I came here when I realized there was something very wrong with my body. After numerous attempts to have sexual intercourse with 3 different girls, I knew there was something terribly wrong because I could not get an erection. I would get a semi erection like a chubby from foreplay, but I could never get it hard enough for penetration.

But with porn? I’d be rock hard in less than 20 seconds. So I did a couple of googling and researching and I came across a couple of articles and videos regarding PIED, porn induced erectile dysfunction.

I thought to myself. Erectile dysfunction? No way. I am a young guy and most of my friends regularly PMO and still have sex, but I can’t? What’s going on?

Then I came across this great subreddit page. After reading numerous testimonials and posts put up by fapstronauts I realized I had a severe problem and that 10 years of PMO had completely ruined my brain.

I realized that I could not keep going on with this and that it had to end if I was ever to achieve intercourse and to have feelings towards women again.

I went about a week of no PMO, but I ended up having sex finally losing my virginity with a girl I met with the help of this male supplemental pill that I got from 7-11 just to make sure I could get it up and it did work. But having sex during the first week of nofap made me relapse.

So. I solved problem #1. Which was get hard enough to have intercourse with the help of a male enhancement pill from 7-11.

But I had another problem. Problem #2 was trying to orgasm. I couldn’t do that.

I then met ANOTHER girl, she said she wanted to be FWB and also date (I know sounds weird), during week 3 so I got 7 pills of 10mg Cialis from my doctor just in case.

Now with this girl, I did also have sex with the help of Cialis, but I could not orgasm and I kept going soft during intercourse. I was getting really depressed and started losing hope.

Around day 45 I started noticing some changes: I would constantly wake up with rock hard morning woods and get boners when women would just be near me.

Anyway, my FWB got back from vacation and we decided to meet up last night for date #3 and to have sex. I was really worried because, I had no more Cialis, and no male enhancement pills.

This is when I noticed how strong noFap truly is. From the minute she came into my car, I smelled her perfume and started kissing her I was rock hard.

We then went on to oral for about 3-4 minutes then I entered her and we had intercourse for about 4-5 minutes until I came inside her. You can probably imagine how happy I was 😀

I thought it would take more than 90 days of noFap for me because I have been PMO’ing since age 12 up to 22. But I am here to tell you guys, I went from being a 21 year old virgin with a dead limp dick to having successful intercourse and orgasm.

My point of this story is, guys, whatever you do, DO NOT relapse, and keep up with noFap it WORKS. This is not some bullshit therapy method, it is very real.

Porn is toxic it is a poison, it is a DRUG. It is terrible because it can screw up the thing that makes guys and girls happy, sex. The worst part about it is it’s virtually everywhere and it is free, accessible by anyone of any age.

Masturbating is terrible too. I never knew 3-4 times of daily deathgrip fapping could do so much damage.

But guys, there is always hope. Keep up with nofap, and I promise you it WILL work. Nature always fixes itself. If you really truly desire to have sex with no PIED, then you will get it. If you’re half-assing this whole thing, then you will relapse. I don’t think I will ever go back to PMO.

Anyway thanks for reading guys, take care fellow fapstronauts! 🙂

LINK – 10 years of PIED, CURED in 55 Days! Finally had sex and orgasmed last night without the help of pills! MY STORY 🙂

by -Spoofy-