Age 22 – 3 years – I overcame my ‘fear’ of women


I decided to quit fapping 3 years ago. It was when i got dumped by my first girlfriend, i hit rock bottom. I couldn’t deal with it anymore and suddenly i came across NoFap. I decided to give it a try and step by step i came out of the hole i found myself stuck in.

I spent hours every day on this subreddit and it fueled my desire to quit this devastating habbit. This is an amazing community and it really carried me through the first year.

After the first year, things definitely got easier. It has become more of a habit and i just don’t have the urges to fap anymore. So, hang on guys! It’s totally worth it!

When i quit fapping, one of the biggest benefits was that i had way more energy. The key is to use this energy in a productive way instead of wasting it on another addiction. Improve yourself, help people, help the world, …

Another benefit was that i overcame my ‘fear’ of women. Before NoFap i had a low self-esteem and i was shy and socially awkward with women. Now i’ve come to realize that they are just humans like us. It’s no big deal anymore…

I want to thank this amazing community and i’m sure all of you guys will make it. Just take it day by day.

The key to this is to protect your mind against possible triggers. These triggers can occur everywhere, most likely on television, Facebook, internet, Instagram, … But also be aware of women in public. A lot of women behave in a sexual way to gain your attention. It’s a kind of trap. once you are aware of this you’ll be able to defend your mind against such threats.

I would recommend meditation very strongly. Once you master your mind, you can master your life.

No triggers = no urges

I wish you the best!

I’m 22 and i was 19 when i started NoFap. I had chronic pain, a broken heart and depression.

LINK – It’s been 3 years now. NoFap changed my life!

By IntoTheWoods-