Age 22 – 365 days of self-control, best academic year of my life


Guys, I made it. 365 days of self-control. Last year, I stopped fapping because of my exams(which I used to do before every exam) but this time I never went back. I don’t know if it’s related or not but this year has been the best academic year of my life.

I stopped because of exams which was as usual. After exams, initially it was “one more day” but with the passage of time it became “one more week” and so on. After 6 months, it became a lot easier as I had very few urges. Me getting a full time internship, when I could have had a relapse definitely helped. In short, it was some initial effort, luck and busy schedule that kept me from relapsing.I tried to make myself busy so that helped. My most fap marathons happened during summer vacations but this time I got full time internship which left me very little time for anything else.

I did have wet dreams but those never made me think about relapse.

I did edge multiple times but was able to “calm” myself down before anything happened. I removed porn from my phone so I was able to stay in control of myself.

I got 80% marks in Matriculation(O-levels equivalent in South Asia), which are below average and my parents weren’t pleased then in Intermediate(A-levels equivalent), I got 70% marks and my parents weren’t having any of it. I was really at a low point of my life at that time but thanks to entrance exam, I made it to BS CompSci, something I was passionate about. I started controlling my fapping before every exam and actually saw improvement in my result and got like 3.3CGPA for first 4 semesters. In 5th sem, before mids, I started my current nofap streak and I got 3.89GPA and for the first time in my life, I had one of the best results in the whole batch then I found an internship in the field I was interested in.

Will be 22 on Dec 18. I am more focused, I think.

LINK – Guys, I made it. 365 days of self-control.

By cshoneybadger