Age 22 – 4 weeks and my PIED has improved to 85-90%


One-two months ago I realised that I can’t get it up without porn, so I decided to fix that. One of the things I have learned through experience is “research before doing anything”, so I started reading articles about lifestyle, exercising, sexuality, healthcare and more.

I reformed my habits – started exercising, going out more, eat as healthy as possible, totally shut down porn and my life started improving as soon as week #1.

At some point I saw this forum and the NoFap community/YBOP. Based on my research I figured out that No PMO is hundreds of times better than PMO but still equally far from the human core which is – being sexual even when single, so I made some changes to the NoFap rules and most importantly 1. I still don’t masturbate and 2. Now I can, most of the times, have an erection just from thinking about a girl that I talked to earlier that day.

The thing is that each brain works differently – you have to figure out what works for YOU!!! Also if there is enough interest I can share more about what habits worked for me so you can try them.

LINK – 4 weeks and my PIED has improved to 85-90%

by tanagoBG