Age 22 – 90 day report (PIED seems cured)

Almost all of the reports I see about nofap tells amazing stories how they have become better men from abstaining from masturbation. I feel like I have not witnessed the same ‘superpowers’ as most people have.

I have not felt a lot more energetic, confident or better looking due to nofap. [But] I think I had PIED. Most likely ‘cured’ now I think. I have a easy time getting boners these days.

People are throwing around all sorts of words which makes me think some people have become a bit brainwashed, let me quote a text from just an few hours ago.

“I have become wiser, more pure, stronger, more attractive, more confident, more dominating, more immovable, more well respected by all men and women I encounter.” – fartman21

Now I’m all for self-improvement and I’m certain there are benefits from doing nofap. However, I believe they mostly lie in the physical aspect. For me it has been getting hornier and having stronger morning boners for example, this is a picture of the last 60 days of my nofap where I have tracked how I have felt.

As well as the actual rebooting of the brain to find girls sexy again, to not be soley attracted to pixels. I was with a girl a few days ago and I blew my load before I even removed my boxers, in contrast to before nofap where I couldn’t even get hard when I was another girl who was ten times as sexy.

I honestly think most other benefits are just placebo or side effects which could be achieved in other ways. Some claim to be more attractive or that girls look at them a lot more. I have certainly looked at girls a lot more during nofap due to being hornier, by seeking eye contact you will eventually see someone looking back smiling. Most seem to interpret this as some sort of new found attraction for you which you then credit nofap for. I think they have been there all along and you have just not been looking. People seem to enjoy mixing spiritual writing with random quotes so here is one.

“Look and you will find it – what is unsought will go undetected.” – Sophocles

Because of all these threads hyping the super powers you get from nofap I believe people generally take this as an opportunity or are subconsciously making better choices as to improve themselves.

For example, some start exercising to take their mind off their thoughts to masturbate. The training itself has multiple positive effects, more energy, better cardio, you get physically stronger, you’re in better mood, you sleep better, you maybe you lose weight? Others simply have more time on their hand now when that 1-2 hour of fapping per day is gone, so you pick up a book, use it to study instead you think “what the hell, no I have time for a girl” so you start asking out women.

What I think you have really learned isn’t not to fap or look at porn, it’s discipline, and you should let nofap take all credit for that.

LINK – Controversial 90 day report

by bloodwhore