Age 22 – Able to have sex up to three or more times every night


Some of my experiences/thoughts while doing this:

-I have had crazy ups and downs throughout the whole time. It never really got any better until I met someone who I was able to have a healthy sex life with.

-I fell in love with someone and we had to break it off because I am moving across the country. It was very hard on me because I felt like I was starting all over again from square one even though I wasn’t fapping throughout our relationship

-I was able to have sex a lot more than once a night. I was able to have sex up to three or more times every night

-I felt like a lion trying to find the weakest prey -My standards dropped but my communication skills towards females grew greatly

-I am going to wait until I move and settle down to stop fapping again. Right now I am not going to settle down and I still have two more months here. I don’t have a whole lot of time from now until my move to keep hooking up with randoms (I know it sounds weird)


-I felt like I had to fap to get over my last romantic relationship. So far it makes me care less about what happened but we were in a special circumstance that we thought I was best to break things off

-I will definitely do this again

-I had sex with 5 different women in 97 days while working 30+hrs/week and going to college full time

-Once you relapse, you’ll most likely end up right where you started before

-I’ve masturbated three times in four days and kind of feel like I did before I started NoFap already. I’m already caring less about actually having sex

-Sex after not fapping was a little embarasing at times because I would finish very fast the first time

-I really didn’t feel that motivated to do new things. I thought I would because I’ve read so many stories about people becoming much more motivated but it really didn’t feel that way for me

I’m 22 and have been watching porn since I was around 10 or so. I only have watched porn once since my relapse a few days ago and I’m going to limit it because I know it still has negative effects.

Thank you for reading my rant. That’s about all I can think of!

LINK – Relapsed after 97 days

By beemer2011