Age 22 – Acne better, feel like a million $$$, sense of dread gone


I first learned about NoFap through my search on Google either on or another website. I was seeking an answer to if Masturbation causes acne. Did some digging on Google (using intext:NoFap) and found that original article.

Why I started

Anyways, I believe, along with a daily regimen of salicylic face wash and benzoyl, that it had a significant effect. It is crazy, when I go on Binge streaks suddenly I have a cyst or two pop up. Only had small white heads when I can make it more than a few days and don’t binge.
Dealing with some cysts now with some-high strength sali. Anyhow, they say Testosterone—and ultimately conversion to DHT—happens around 1 day after and again around 7. Acne forms just a day or two after for me. Nothing major but noticeable.

How I feel

Right now, I feel like a million dollars. I put this on par with quitting smoking. Then again, I am a happy-go-lucky guy. But I have gained some confidence. Things don’t seem to be nearly as hard or daunting. For example, I normally dread what homework I have to do and think of other things to put it aside. Now, it doesn’t seem half bad. Still time consuming but no longer that sense of dread about what it may hold.

Other than that, nothing else comes to mind. I suppose I think more clearly and talk more eloquently.

Age: 22

My Year in Review

What a year it has been. It all started on July 24, 2015. What a time it was to discover a sub like this. But realizing is only a fifth of the battle yet to come. There are many obstacles that come in the way from just seeing a hot girl on the street or viewing pornography images. Damn you sexualized world!

What Helped

Luckily, there are ways I have combated such urges from time to time.

  • Cold showers – help in the moment be damned if you keep thinking about it throughout the day. It is like blowing out a trick candle. Sooner or later it will ignite.
  • Meditation – Freakin’ amazing to calm down an otherwise hectic day. I don’t do this often but it does wonder even for 10 minutes. This is like putting water on the trick candle. Clear the mind of all unrighteous thoughts (lol).
  • Workouts – Keeps me preoccupied. I try to avoid this the day before work since that is a workout in itself moving and lifting heavy objects all day. Another destresser that works but you really has to stick with it to establish it as a pure habit. I really need to get back into this.
  • Cutting off all internet – did this just last week. I hardly touched it aside from scheduling, checking emails, and doing college work. I would recommend this above all else first since it is eminently easy to get distracted or triggered. Best to establish a habit of working out and meditation while you are not checking Footspace and Snapgossip.
    I rewarded myself with temporary solace with some online activities once I hit 7 days but I think I’ll retreat back into my turtle shell after this.

Without further ado, some stats during my year. Includes edging.

Fun Stats

My Stats: May 25, 2016, to May 29, 2017

Total relapses: 65
Longest streak: 72 days
Shortest: 0 days
Average: 5.67 days
Current 5-day moving average (MA): 5.2 days
Top 5 longest streaks

  • June 11, 2016, 72 days, 5D MA 17.4
  • Jan 28, 2017, 21 days, 5D MA 7.6
  • March 27, 2017, 19 days,

Aggregate streaks

I think the hardest part of this journey is getting over the 7-day hump.
According to NF Companion,

  • 99.12% of people have a streak within 150 days.
  • 73.37% have a streak ≤ 10 days.
  • Nearly 57.06% are ≤ 5 days.
  • You are in the top 1% after 120 days.

Aggregate Chart

The journey has been hard but it has put some prespective by looking back at my year. Many things, such a stressors, viewing sexualized content, TV, procrestinating, et. al, should be reduced or mitigated until you can get past the first week. Then you’ll be in the top 30%! Life does get richer the higher you go.

LINK – My Year of NoFap 5/25/16 to Now; Tips, Statistics

By Bitcion