Age 22 – Acne has improved drastically


Currently on a ~50 day streak (hardmode). Everything is going great. I’m experiencing MANY psychological benefits. That being said, the most obvious physical benefit is the loss of acne. My lifelong acne has seriously almost completely vanished. It’s as miraculous as it sounds.

I have to mention that I completely cut dairy out of my life 3 weeks ago. There’s a good chance that this is helping too. But even if it is the lack of dairy leading to acne loss, I firmly believe that NoFap gave me the clarity of mind to experiment with my diet.

I’m constantly conducting “experiments” to see how certain foods, activities (cold showers, meditation), etc. affect me and my well-being. I was never doing this before NoFap. My life has been improving. Some days are better than others, but I’m definitely on a huge up-swing.

I’m very clear-minded and confident now (the usual benefits). I’m 22. I quit porn after I  unintentionally went about a week without PMO and felt on top of the world. I did some googling  and quickly connected the dots. It’s easy to quit porn when you discover the effects of doing so completely naturally.

Keep fighting the good fight my friends!

LINK – Acne has improved drastically

By drink_tea_with_me