Age 22 – After 2 months, ZERO social anxiety. Also higher energy, No brain fog, Socialize with women without objectifying them


Currently I am on hardmode since first of January 2016. I once had sex with a girl after 5 weeks. I had ups and downs, two severe flatlines. The best benefit I realized so far is that I am really confident and calm in social interactions. In the past I got a bit nervous around hot girls sometimes. Now I can confidentially talk with ANY girl or guy, independent if I like them or not. It was a hard journey, but I can say this is pretty much the best benefit. Other benefits I experienced:

  • Lower voice
  • Higher energy levels (better in workouts in the Gym)
  • Enjoying socializing with women without objectifying them
  • Respecting your dips/flatlines and won’t let them control your mind
  • Removing other bad habits from your life
  • Confidential control of your dick (no constant urge to have sex)
  • No brain fog
  • More respect from men

I wish you guys all good luck on your journey! I’m going for nofap forever baby!

[ADVICE on forum]

Flatlines could be pretty long and severe, depends how much and how long you have watched porn in your life. I think that if you have things to look forward to, the flatlines will disappear more quickly. This could be anything from a date to a weekend trip to a big city. You have to respect the flatline and don’t let your mind control you to relapse, I think the following things will help you to do is (most I have done myself):

  • Workout regulary (I read your post and saw you don’t have a gym nearby, read Mens Health and do workouts at home (for instance Pull-up bar)
  • Don’t save on healthy eating and sleep
  • Take Zinc and Vitamin pills on the days you dont eat healthy enough
  • Meditate 5-10 mins a day
  • Cold showers (helps you decline the urges/cravings). The last one hasnt work out for me yet, I just like a hot shower haha

But anyway good luck and those are the things that helped me a lot. Just don’t relapse, good things will come!

I am 22 years old, currently at university. Used porn from the age of 14 I suppose. But the last 3-4 years it got the most severe. Even visited Hookers… So it was pretty deep wired in my brain

LINK – After 2 months, ZERO social anxiety

by Rugbyplayer123


UPDATE –  4 months of NoFap I love myself

Hee Guys of Nofap,

I’m currently on 4 months and 1 week. Had sex just once after 5 weeks, so I didn’t have any release for a long long time. NoFap gave me so many benefits besides getting better with woman.

  • I go to bed Happy and wake up Happy
  • Zero social anxiety
  • Ability to hold dominant eye contact
  • Don’t care anymore what people think of me
  • Healthier look on skin
  • Drive to take on other good habits
  • The feeling of being a child again
  • Noticing more woman noticing me
  • Higher energy levels (especially in the gym)
  • Better immune system
  • More present and actually listening in conversations
  • Calm and relaxed around woman, no more objectifying ass and tits
  • Much lower Libido (no slave to your own brain anymore)
  • More respect from women and men
  • No more brainfog and searching for words to say

I can socialize with woman now without any social anxiety and can hold dominant eye contact. My standard is higher than ever before and doesn’t change when im drunk. My perception of sex completely changed, I want the next time that I have sex to be with a really nice girl. I make many moves on girls, but proceeding to trying to sleep with her ONLY when I really like her.

I literally don’t care what people think of me anymore and I don’t mind not having a girlfriend at the moment. But woman notice so often that I changed a lot since nofap, yesterday night a girl said to me, you look so much better than before (meant in appearance and physique). And she said it in a way that she was really happy for me.

I am reaching the point now to honestly say I am over my addiction to PMO, which I am very proud of. My next goal is to keep improving my life and going to the gym as often as I do now. A girlfriend is definitely a goal for me to strive for the coming months, as I hope will be possible with my current mindset and personal development.

Hope to hear many of your experiences with 3 months+ Do you agree with all of the benefits? How many times did you have sex?


UPDATE – Reaching almost 5 months – 3 new benefits

Since the last few weeks I am noticing a few extra benefits that I didn’t got before:

  • Bad mood disappears in hours instead of days
  • That little moments when you are totally engulfed in the moment, the feeling that you’re present. Got this while looking at a building at a business district, I had the feeling that I was so excited for the future and my carreer. Best feeling ever.
  • Extreme discipline in habits


UPDATE – Had the best conversation with my father in my life

Some background info first: I am 22 years old and started nofap (hardmode) as a new years resolution on 1st of january 2016. So currently I didn’t touch my penis for 7 months. I never told my father (or anyone else) about my porn addiction, I did tell him before that I dont masturbate anymore and that it feels lots better.

Today I had a enormously long and great conversation with my father. Back in the hotel on my holiday. I was such an experience to really be present in this moment and dont be searching for words anymore. Before Nofap I always encountered alot of brainfog. We talked about girls, carreer, life in general, it was such an intense father-son conversation. Never had this before, thanks Nofap!

At around 3 months I really enjoyed my surroundings and nature in a very different way. Hard to describe, but I also got goosebumps when looking through old videos of childhood and my backpacking journey when I was young. I think fapping a lot numbs your emotions (positive and negative). I experience now the very joy and painfull moments much more intense

Flatline is hard, dont underestimate! Reading books and working out (boxing and heavy-weight training) helped me a lot through my journey. Together with eating healthy (I never eat a pizza or fast food anymore). Never had ED, but nofap helped me with much harder boners. I think the most noticeable differences are: – More energy – More respect from men and women – More inner confidence – Not searching for words and dominant eye contact in conversations.


UPDATE10 months without watching porn: how it changed me

I haven’t watched any porn since the first time I started on January 1st. I did have a very difficult period after about 6,5 months of abstaining (no orgasms at all, only sex with a girl once). After that I started getting wet dreams, I masturbated once without porn and I felt actually good, wet dreams stopped appearing and now I am on almost 1 month again without orgasms. I actually felt in love with a girl for the very first time, I haven’t kissed her or had sex with her yet, but I know she will be mine in the near future.

I think I used porn from age 15 to 22, but age 19-21 I was the deepest in my addiction. I decided to quit for women attraction and myself. Best choice I made in my life so far.


UPDATE Had meaningful sex for the first time in my life after 1 year of NoFap

Guys, I actually don’t know what to say. The last few months has been such an emotional rollercoaster for me. I have been addicted to porn since I was 14 years old, I was always this awkward guy who had no real drive and balls in life. I was not competitive enough to thrive in sports or music, I only found fufillment in playing video games and watching endless streams of porn. Thankfully I discovered nofap on my 22st year.

Compared to others, not fapping for me went pretty good. In my first try of Nofap ever, I accomplished a hardmode of 6 months (with 1 one night stand). In those 6 months I got in incredibly good shape in the gym, I had the hottest date in my university ball, I dated girls for the first time in my life, I gave roses and coffee to strangers, without expecting something in return, I was literally happier than ever before in my life. I lived as me, my own personality and nothing else. I was energetic, had no more brainfog and most important of all, not social awkward anymore.

After those 6 months I started getting wet dreams, I tried masturbating without porn to let the wet dreams stop. At first I thought it wouldn’t help that much. But after having mastubated a few times, my wet dreams stopped. However the effects of true nofap ‘superpowers’ also disappeared. By the way, superpowers is just the word for being normal instead of an addict. Now I am currently again on a few weeks without any orgasm, and it actually feels great!

Just remember that Nofap is not all about women or energy, it’s about you as a men going for his ambitions in life. I have discovered my interests in musics, sports, business and traveling much more than ever before. I have a kind of regret I didn’t discover nofap earlier. I feel so hyped for the future and what I want to accomplish.

Guys post is getting to long, good luck on your journeys and if you have any questions, text me!

Two days ago I posted my 1 year NoFap report:

One week ago I saw a girl in the public library, the eye contact was strong. So I decided to walk up to her, we had a little conversation and then I suggested we should grab a drink soon and got her number. Texted her the same day to meet up for a drink after studying. The date went pretty well, just a few drinks, kissed her and said goodbye.

Yesterday I had my second date, we had some drinks at different cafe’s, played some games. Teasing was really high at a certain moment, while playing some pool. Brought her back home where we had sex 2 times in the night and 2 times in the morning. Really felt a connection, which I didn’t experience during sex before NoFap. I never had a girlfriend and was virgin until 19 before NoFap, only had strange one night stands now and then.

I took me one fucking year to have meaningful sex, had 2 one night stands during my NoFap period, both which were not that great. Have grown in personal development during my journey, but this is a big step for me..

Everything is possible!