Age 22 – Been trying for 3 years, life is a lot better, happier, more confident


I was addicted to PMO about 3 years ago, fortunately I was able to quit P about 3 years ago (yes I had some relapses after that, but it was nothing constant as it was before),

but I was never able to quit masturbation, so I decided I wanted to stop this addiction as well. Well, I have Always tried to stop, but the maximum I’d be able to abstain from it was about 15 days, maybe a little more sometimes, and then I’d relapse really hard. And the days after the relapse I’d relapse again and again, sometimes even in the same day, but for me, after starting the streak the hardest days was always 7 to 10, the urges are Always stronger for me in those days.

Well, in November 2015 I found no fap, and I decided to give it a try. First I did 7 days, then I relapsed. Then I found an accountability partner, which help me a lot to do this. Well, after that I was able to get to 49 days, but then I slipped up and relapsed for a really dumb reason (I woke up in the middle of the night right after a wet dream, I went for a cold shower, but I had really intense urges, and when I realized, before making to the shower, I was already masturbating and I didn’t stop).

Well, that got me really down and I was very upset and disappointed with myself, but my accountability helped me too, so I got back on track (he is a pro, though, he got to 100+ days on his very first try and he is still going in that counting). Well, I always had to be careful in days after wet dreams, because my urges were usually way higher after that, and I was having wet dreams almost every week (but now they seem to be adjusting back again, last one that I had came between a 22 days gap, so they seem to be getting like they were before I started masturbating when I was 16, I remember that sometimes I’d get wet dreams only once in 3 months, and now also, when I have wet dream I don’t really feel those intense urges like before, but I still don’t like wet dreams) days 7 to 10 were hell for me, as it looked like I’d go crazy with those urges.

There were a lot of times that I remember I almost gave in, because the urges were so strong and I wanted to masturbate so bad, but in those days I would always try to write to my partner and either go for a walk, or a cold shower, read or play my guitar. It helped me a lot, plus starting learning the guitar has been a good hobby that helped me too.

I’m in 91 days now, but I don’t have any plans to stop, I just want to keep going on and on, as my life is a lot better now, I feel more happy, more confident of myself and free from an addiction and from the guilty and sadness that came almost every time after a masturbation session. This 91 days felt like taking a weight off my shoulders, and I never want to come back to those old habits.

However, I’m not telling this was easy, it was not easy at all, and I was one of those guys (I think most people that come in here are like that too) that really enjoyed masturbating, and every time I thought I need to stop, my brain would come up with excuses to do it one more time. In fact, I still fight this feeling that I need to do it one more time after all this time of abstinence now, but I’m fighting this and I don’t plan to give in.

But, my point is, it gets less difficult and more easy if you keep going, the days go passing by and although at the beginning you were thinking about masturbation every day, after a while that starts to fade away and you spend more days free from urges and masturbations thoughts, and they become less stronger. But don’t let your guard down, urges will still come sometimes, and I know that If I let my guard down I could still relapse, so I try to keep all those thoughts out of my mind, and avoid tricky situations.

Well, I’ve been free from the porn addiction for pretty much three years now and it’s been 3 months since I’m free of masturbation too. So I’d like to thank no fap for that, because without it, I know it would be so much hard to stop this, thanks for all those posts that motivated me, and that in some days stopped my urges (yes, I forgot to mention it, but sometimes, when the urges were really hard I’d come here to read some posts and it really helped me to calm down) and I want to thank my accountability partner too, which supported and helped me. Having someone that goes through the same that you’re going through and talking to him really makes the difference. Thanks for Reading this guys, and sorry for the long post. If you have failed more than once, don’t give up, you can still do it. If I’ve made this far you can make it too. Stay strong!

PS –

I’m 22, I used porn for about more than 1 year, I didn’t use it everyday all the time in this period, but still was a lot, then I started try and stop, and there were times after a few weeks or months that I had a lot of relapses, so I count as a full recovery after that period, that being about 3 years ago. Can’t list the benefits all here, since there are many, so I just wrote the most life changing for me. Anyway, I’m happier now.

LINK – 91 Days, and it’s just the beggining

by infinitemode