Age 22 – Better at pickup: ooze sexuality and groundedness


BENEFITS OF NoFap – More positive. Happier. Focus, energy, drive, willpower increase. Better sex and stronger erections. More cum. Better at pickup: ooze sexuality and groundedness. More “Alpha” and masculine. Better at leading and expressing personal boundaries and opinions. Feel better.NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF PMO

  • More negative
  • Less able to control emotions
  • More anxiety, especially social anxiety
  • Weirdness increase
  • Less willpower for other habits
  • Make other bad decisions (e.g. junk food)
  • Less motivation to approach girls
  • Worse sex (premature ejaculation, ED, less loving)
  • Scattered brain feeling
  • Brain fog. Durrr state
  • Disrupts other habits


  • Tired
  • Horny
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Touch my dick
  • Playing on my phone at night
  • Dirty talking/role playing with my girlfriend on the phone at night

STRATEGY Delay, delay, delay. (e.g. Go on a walk without your phone, use sexual energy to talk to girls)

“Are you in control of your desires or are your desires in control of you?”

“What value long-term is this bringing to my life? What benefits will this fap session bring to me? Pleasure? Relaxation? Definitely. But these benefits are only temporary. My life hasn’t changed at all. Nothing will change after I fap, except that it will leave me in a weary, self-regret stage. Do I want to lose this energy burning inside me for nothing? No, I would rather keep that confidence to talk to a real, cute girl. I’m a rational man, I can do this.”

Do not feel hopeless. You have control over yourself and your destiny. It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. (e.g. should I click out or let it play?) YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER YOURSELF.

Side note 1: I used the Chrome extension “Block Site” to redirect every porn site to r/NoFap, and soon I’ll link them all to this thread.

Side note 2: Tony Robbins (most well-known success coach) wrote in chapter 3 of Awaken the Giant Within that what you link pain and pleasure to shapes your destiny. You most link a gut-level, emotional feeling of disgust, stagnation, and pain to PMO and link pleasure to using your sexual energy as a force that shapes your life in incredibly positive ways. Pain: not getting an erection when you have a cute girl asking you to fuck her; feeling awkward wherever you go; having no joy from little things in life; low self-esteem. Pleasure: feeling amazing all day; having the drive to meet real women and sleep with them; using your testosterone to gain muscle and be more of a leader; helping other people and contributing.

Side note 3: Take the structure I’ve laid out and apply it to your own life. What strategies work for you? How does PMO effect you and what makes you relapse? Knowing this, writing it down, and committing to the decision of NoFap will powerfully transform your life. At least it did for me.

We’re gonna make it, Fapstronauts.

Age 22, used porn for 10- years –

LINK – My NoFap Cheat Sheet

By Power-of-Dong