Age 22 – Boners are back


When I tried having sex multiple times it took a lot of effort to stay erect. Also, I could never stay erect without constant manual stimulation. Nor could I get erect without touching myself.

Today is day 30 and I wanted to test how my PIED was recovering. so I sat back in my chair, relaxed, and focused on getting hard… funnily enough my penis started standing at attention. I was able to achieve a 100% erection without porn, without touching, without even fantasizing. Just from basically telling my body to.. it felt great. Here’s to another 30 days, then another 30 after that!

I literally got an erection then just let it go down. & I had been using porn for years.. but I don’t think I was addicted per se because I was able to stop very easily. Ever since I stopped I haven’t had an urge to watch it or extreme cravings for it at all, my urges and craving are for an orgasm. But I still think the porn affected me when using it in conjunction with my excessive masturbation habit. I was more of an excessive masturbator rather than porn addict even though I did use porn when I masturbated as a visual aid. Ever since I discovered masturbation at age 11 or so I had never missed a day, and I’d do it up to 5-6 times a day sometimes even.

i’m definitely making it my lifestyle. I just want to get to at least 90 days of hard mode before I start having sex again. but as far as porn and masturbating.. they are out of my life forever. I only want to orgasm inside of a woman from now on. I refuse to let myself relapse, this is my first streak and I don’t see any chance of relapsing. i’m enjoying this lifestyle far more than when I chronically masturbated.

I’m 22.

LINK – today is day 30. PIED is going away!

By JayG3435