Age 22 – Clear mind, more emotions and confidence

I was about 18 when I started PMO on a daily basis. I just did MO 2-3 years before that. I started trying nofap at age 20, didn’t 100% quit until age 22 (which I am now). Been doing hard mode for 125+ days.

Benefits: very clear mind, extreme emotions (I actually get mad sometimes, which never used to happen. My emotions swing the other way too.), and more confidence. I’ve seen all the benefits that most guys list, except the “attracting more women”. Have not had any luck in that department.

It has been a long 125 days. Hard mode just gets harder! Definitely dealing with some lust issues at this point, but I no longer desire to PMO or look at any sort of pornography. Here’s how I have succeeded: I stopped thinking about it. Go do something else. Get off this subreddit for a while and pick up a hobby. I’ve been drawing and reading quite a lot this summer. Stay busy guys! Good luck to you all. Feel free to ask me any questions.

LINK – Addiction is gone, loving life

by CollegiateMonk