Age 22 – Concentration and studying are much easier


I just wanted to say, after going no PMO, I can put so much more concentration on my uni work and absorb information much more easily it’s unreal. My head is much clearer and most things i learn stay in my head.

For someone that has constantly just about passed every exam this feeling is unreal.

I’ve got my exams next week and the amount I’ve actually been able to study i could never do before. I’d always end up fapping and then lose motivation for the rest of the day and then tell myself i’ll start tomorrow.

I started revision today at 12 and just finished, it’s 7.30pm in the uk. All in all i feel great, my head feels cleaner and more fresh even though I’ve got the exams coming up i feel like i have my studying in order for the first time in my life.

I should’ve done this earlier.

I’m 22 starting watching porn from 14.

LINK – Nofap, has helped me study properly and concentrate in a long time.

by polo321