Age 22 – Crazy boost in confidence, willing to take risks


Feels good! I’m 22 this year, benefits have been crazy I feel a boost in confidence, not a shy lad, more willing to take risks and many more but you have to put the work in and it’s doesn’t just appear out of nowhere.

One of the reasons I started Nofap was because I’ve been an addict for a damn long time! Honestly I was worried I was fapping so much I just wanted to change my ways. Like I finally realised it was just artificial pleasure and I want something real and when I get with a woman I don’t want my dick to not work because I crave pixels instead!

Furthermore P was taking so much time in my life, I could go hours and hours just mindlessly browsing for the ‘perfect vid’. Another thing I would say that keeps me going is that I want to create the my best self, I don’t want to be a shy quiet guy who never takes risks, I wanted to be better physically and mentally. That was the goal I was chasing from the start and that’s what kept me motivated all this time!

Since I started Nofap increased number of wet dreams like maybe 5. It was either a flatline or major horniness. I don’t really believe in the so called ‘superpowers’, I made sure everything I did in the day was able to put me one step closer to my goal. I made t a point to hit the gym hard and ask more women out amongst other things.

At first it was really hard in all honesty, being horny and not being able to do anything about it is hard. I used to just wait at home and just wait for it subside but in time I realised I just have to embrace being FUCKING HORNY. Now I just try to fill my time with anything, keep occupied that’s like the best advice I can give. Don’t let the blood rush to your penis let it rush elsewhere AHAHAHHA. Cause if you are idle and early in your streak especially it’s very likely you might just want to rub one out.

I had sex a couple times, I never went out with the intention of banging it just happened you feel me. No negative impacts I would say but the week following the sex, the urges were FUCKING INTENSE, like I wanted to just fuck and fuck.

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By yerweecunt



HOLY FUCK I’VE COMPLETED A STANDARD REBOOT! Feels like only yesterday that I was beating it every other day like it owed me money. This is like my 5th attempt at the noFap reboot. So in this post I’m gonna basically spill it all. The Past. The Present. The Future. What I’ve faced and how I’ve coped and hopefully helps anyone out there with this demon.

THE PAST Well it all started with a friend of mine in school opening up a website during a computer lab class and that was the first time I saw P. Its funny because I still remember the websites URL. I would say at that point my life changed completely. It was only the beginning of a very destructive path of P for years to come. The thirst for P only rose exponentially after that, with it starting with Youtube to all the websites we used to go to for research purposes. Almost every opportunity I got when I was home alone I got onto the standard P websites. It definitely affected my studies and interacting with people. I mean I was still a fairly active individual with participation in sports and other events and nobody would have thought I was watching P every chance I got. At that time discovering this was like hitting the jackpot. Women of all colours, shapes and sizes and I ‘could have them all’. It was crazy, I probably didn’t want to admit it but I was a porn addict since then.

The Worst Stages was when I was 13-19. During these years my addictions grew exponentially and even more filthy, I didn’t realise it but I had to get more and more hardcore stuff to get off. I HAVE SEEN MOST THINGS FOR P IM NOT EVEN KIDDING, IT WAS BAD SOMETIMES I LOOK BACK OR HAVE A RANDOM FLASHBACK AND IM LIKE FUCK THATS GROSS. I used to just jerk off asap like once every few days but it ended up being 5 times a day on top on being each session extremely long like 2 hours ++. I USED TO WASTE SO MUCH TIME WHEN I LOOK BACK LIKE FUCK I USED TO ALLOCATE TIME TO JERK OFF. P definitely made me more introverted and closed off. It was my form of escapism because it felt good, the rush of dopamine felt so good watching all these women strutting their stuff. I just didn’t realise how bad it was.

Furthermore I ended up downloading P scenes and movies online to my USB and hard drive. I’ve done it so many times with my collections being 50GB to 100GB at times just scenes. I didn’t watch them all but thats what I just did. So much time was wasted. Ive visited questionable websites and got my laptop/desktop absolutely fucked because of a P virus. It was just a vicious cycle, download P, watch a few, download too many, feel miserable that I shouldn’t be doing this, end up deleting but I didn’t have enough willpower in me to let go. So during these years I was very shy especially with attractive women. I always had the thought of I want to fuck them or something sexual. I didn’t realise how toxic it was. It happened to everyone around me I used to sexualise everything. Also during that point in your life, you’re a teenager and jerking is basically all you have apart from being another rebellious kid thats maturing. I missed out on being a better student, a better son, a better athlete and most importantly a better person just because of a couple of pixels on a screen.

THE PRESENT I knew about noFap for sometime but never really considered it and thought it was just ridiculous but in Feb this year I decided to set up reddit and give it a go because at that time I was planning for my future and wanted to create the best version of myself, I started gymming regularly, eating well so I covered the physical aspect side. The metal side of things was harder, meditating and achieving peace within oneself. It really taught me that my focus and attention span was extremely weak. Honestly I gave it up and made it more of a reflection sessions before I sleep and wake up in the morning about what I’m grateful for, how I should spend my time etc. NoFap of course is not an immediate cure, I knew that, I was looking forward to understanding delayed gratification, keeping your head low and grinding hard with no one watching. The gym exemplified that, everyone wants to be strong as fuck but no ones wants to put in the hours same with noFap, everyone wants their dick to work but nobody wants to stop jerking it. And this time I was even more motivated to quite was so that when I start University I won’t be someone just rubbing it out in his room. I want to meet beautiful women, talk to them, have sex without worrying my man down under won’t work and being addicted for 12 years I think its time to end it. I want to be able to have hobbies because P was my hobby it basically consumed me, I don’t want to worry about my browser history being checked or being found out. Im starting a new chapter in my life and I want to be able to do it to the best of my ability and P will hinder that. Like from now I want to be able to create the best versions of myself.

This reboot I felt has been challenging at times with urges and wet dreams being extremely crazy and tempting. I have to admit I had the intention of doing a HARD MODE 90 DAY REBOOT but sex came along so I didn’t decline but I also didn’t seek it out. Everyone can do it, reaching 90 days is no issue it just depends how hungry you are for it and I was starving. When I felt most horny I would always be like do you want to start all over and wallow in self pity after and how your life is not getting better blah blah blah if I do give in. Step up and face it head on.

THE FUTURE Hopefully I havent dragged on and bored you guys/gals. What I hope now for myself is that I don’t touch P ever again, that would be incredible but its still a day to day challenge, urges can strike anytime and its just how you deal with it, do you give in or do you resist. Hope to ace University and meet tons of new people in the new chapter of my life.


Another thing I feel that is quite important to those still fighting this evil. Don’t make nofap your no. 1 priority but focus on improving other aspects of your life, get a hobby, spend time with family and friends, develop better relationships, get occupied thats what worked for me.