Age 22 – DE cured after 42 days of NoFap


I am writing this after sex. And I’m proud and happy to say that for the first time in my life I came during sex. I used to have sex for 2-3 hours without ejaculating.

I assure you that NoFap has helped me, as well as exercise, good nutrition, meditation and socializing. And the most important (I believe, for now) is that I kept having sex, experiencing some level of discomfort but getting better at it.

Thanks to the fapstronauts for making this amazing Reddit ! For those reading this I say “keep going!”.

Keep going man! It’s worth it. [First time?] Cumming ? Yes. Having sex ? No.

Yes, was my first streak. 42 days.

I can feel a lot of benefits (confidence, energy, motivation, others) but I can’t actually say is directly result of NoFap. Probably a huge part, yes. But when i started NoFap I started exercise/meditation/cold showers/eating health and going out more as well. It’s probably a combination of those and NoFap. I see a lot of people doing just NoFap, I highly recommend having good nutrition, meditation and exercise. And to socialize.

About “The chaser”: maybe. I had a thought that went like “hey, I just had an orgasm, it would be alright if I masturbated today”. It passed away quickly.

But on the other hand what I really felt was a new appreciation for the act of sex. A different look toward woman. And an urge to have more sex – not masturbation.

I’m 22

LINK – UNBELIEVABLE! NoFap made me do this ? FUCK!

By magezudo