Age 22 – ED cured: but I had to wake up my libido with sex and ejaculations

Pheew… this has been a hell of a journey, but I think that I’m finally cured from my ED. I am 22 years old, started watching porn when I was 13-14, and have been doing so consistently since then.

Had my first girlfriend at 14 and have been having sex with girls pretty much consistently, except for certain periods when I and my girlfriend had a long distance relationship. I never had a problem with ED, even though I PMO’ed a lot during these relationships. Me and my girlfriend broke up one and a half years ago, and haven’t had much sex since then.

A year ago i discovered that I couldn’t get it up with a one night stand, but i didn’t think too much about it. Thought it was connected to being too drunk. After that experience I met a girl a couple of months later and from the beginning I had ED-problems, couldn’t get it up at all and noticed that i couldn’t get aroused by anything. I had “dead dick” both when watching porn and having sex. The relationship ended and I was pretty much devastated over this and it came as a shock cause I always had had a great sex life before and certainly not experienced ED.

I started googling and found YBOP and this site and started my reboot instantly. I started over a couple of times in the beginning but then started my reboot which went on for 120 days with no PMO at all. Things were certainly happening in my body but my erections didn’t get better. I masturbated to orgasm after 120 days, but the erections were very weak. A week later I had a girl at my place for a couple of days. First time she touched my dick the erection was not that strong and I came after one or two strokes. The second time didn’t last long either. But the day after it was like my penis was starting to wake up. My erection the third day was much stronger and after she left I have been able to have really strong erections just by touching myself. And now I can say that I’m cured, because my libido is strong, but not overwhelming and my erections are stronger than ever. So I certainly think that you have to wake up your libido again after you abstained for a certain amount of time.

Feel so happy that NO FAP worked. Now I have to make sure too never get back to porn.

Keep going!

LINK – I can finally see some results!

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UPDATE – Success after 7 months!

Hi everyone!

This will be my last post here and I’m also going away from this forum. This forum’s been so so helpful, but I feel like I spend to much time here, so it’s time to go.

I had the worst case of PIED. One year ago I was unable to get hard to anything, not even porn. Couldn’t understand what was wrong cause I had always had a active sex life without any ED problems from a young age. I found YBOP seven months ago and directly started my reboot. First I went 120 days without porn or masturbating at all. Had the worst flatline and abstinence problems you could imagine. I was not functioning at all and had extreme anxiety and brain fog. After 4 months I met a girl, and we tried to have sex and it didn’t work out at all. I didn’t get hard at all, but I came after 5 seconds. This was the case every time we tried to have sex the first month. During this period my anxiety problems and brain fog became even worse. I could not recognize myself. This girl lives in another country so we don’t see each other that often. I continued my reboot, but started masturbating maybe once every other week. My erections were still really bad and all the time I came really quickly. But I tried to avoid getting aroused except from that. During this time my libido was fluctuating a lot. For a couple of days I was super horny and then went back to flatline without any libido at all. During this time I would get a rush if I saw anything with nudity or beautiful women on the street.

But after 6 months I went to see this girl and for the first time in a long time I was able to have successful sex. It was not perfect, but an improvement. Still I had severe premature ejaculation but I continued my reboot when I came back home and was starting to notice that my libido was starting to be much more stable. I didn’t get the rush and didn’t feel the need to get it either. I continued my reboot for 3 more weeks and then she came here, which is this week. We have been having successful sex this week, with the premature ejaculation also gone!!

Even though I have gone thorugh this reboot without watching any porn I’ve been hesitant if it would really work. I’ve been really hopeless, especially during the first couple of months. Didn’t think it would be better. But after 7 months i finally se major major improvements. It’s not perfect yet, cause after sex I have a pretty long refractory time to be able to get an erection again. But now I know that everything will be solved if I just continue to avoid porn!

Thank you to this forum!

Take Care!

And keep going!