Age 22 – ED healed: Earned a Bachelor’s degree, halfway through my Masters degree. Confidence is sky high. I’m with this incredibly beautiful girl


Today marks a big day in my NoFap journey. I hit 500 days with no masturbation. Zero.

Since taking on NoFap and getting past the initial withdrawal, I’ve earned a Bachelor’s degree, and now I’m halfway into my Masters degree. My confidence is SKY HIGH. I feel I can better direct my thoughts, I can focus better. I’m with this incredibly beautiful girl, who is well aware of my NoFap journey.

Now, I used to get off about 4-5 times a day, every day, for about 8 years. (!) I was mentally and physically ‘broken’. I used to get hot women into bed, but my penis wouldn’t fucking budge. You can imagine what a beating my confidence took.

But all that is in the past and I have a few tips for you guys:

1) Begin!

Beginning is really one of the hardest parts of the challenge. I’ve tried and failed many times on day one.

2) Set short goals

Immediately beginning with the goal of doing 90 days is super intimidating. I started with two days.
When I managed two days, I tried four. Then a week, so on.

I did fail many times in between, and its okay to fail, but remember the longer you put it off, the longer your full recovery will take.

3) Everybody’s body is different.

Just because someone else was healed in 90 days does not mean you will.
It is highly likely that you will, but the hardest battles are always meant for those who can fight it.

4) The withdrawals.

For me, this was the hardest part. I had mood swings and began feeling incredibly alone. It only makes you want to masturbate more, but DO NOT GIVE IN.

5) Stay positive.

You will begin seeing changes very soon. It’s just the first two-three weeks that are the hardest. Get past it and you’re sorted.

6) Talk about it.

Talking about it to someone, maybe your partner is incredibly useful. Try it.

7) Help others.

Once you reach the end of your journey, you realise NoFap is now part of your life and it will remain so. Put some time aside to help others who are just beginning their journey. (:

[Reply] Yes, I have sex. I was finally able to get myself erect and moderately functioning. It took a while, but its now A-okay!

LINK – 500 days! :’)

BY – ManchesterIsRed


INITIAL POST – For all of you that require motivation!

I’ve been visiting this forum for quite some time now, and the success stories I read on here really keep me motivated.

But because everyone writes about their success at 100 and above days, the goal seems really daunting and almost impossible to reach, especially to those who are in their first three weeks or less.

I’m putting this up on here to help guys that need motivation in the early stages, to keep going. Also, my case is a bit different and I thought it could help similar guys feel not alone.

A little bit about myself first: I’m 21 years old, and I’m not much of a porn guy. I started M at the age of 13 and since then have been getting off to things I conjure up in my imagination. The worst part is that I would M about 25 times a week, which is almost about four times a day. So in about 8 years, that number is terrifyingly big. So, its not just a matter of quitting porn for me. Every single, mild sexual thought had to be dealt with.

Yes, I would watch porn but that would be just 2-3% of the time. My thing was to get off to which ever girl I meet, hot or otherwise.

Naturally, I had low self esteem, developed an annoying fake personality to mask that and even developed a slight hunchback. I struggled with indecisiveness, lack of concentration, extreme lack of confidence, self loathing etc. You get the drift.

I had a few girlfriends along the way, a couple of whom were pretty hot. But with each of them, my P just wouldn’t budge. In fact, even during M, I would get only about 20% hard. I don’t even remember what a strong, hard boner feels like.

I’d been told that M was natural and I assumed every other guy was going at it as much as I was. This led me to believe that I was cursed with some kind of disease down there. I was in the pits.

Then I discovered YBOP and RN. I read all of it and suddenly there was hope.

I was resigned to not having a proper boner for the rest of my life, and this discovery somehow seemed like divine intervention.

Okay I’m not fully healed, I’m only on day 35 as I write this. But the changes I’m experiencing are simply astounding!

The flatlines are only hard to deal with if you don’t know what to expect. You will experience mood swings (Nothing major) and your P will almost feel dead. You will feel pangs of loneliness, so its best you go out with friends as much as you can.

Now for the good part,

I can now get a boner just by mild stroking and no visualisation, and its about 55% hard.

My voice is deeper, and I have a noticeable presence about myself. (People told me that!)
I’m being Me more and less of that fake personality. And people actually like me for it!

My hunchback is almost nearly gone and my confidence is making humongous strides. I can effortlessly talk to hot girls and seem to enjoy finer details in them a little more.

My presence of mind seems to have gone up too, making me a tad wittier, which girls love. I can talk to highly successful, intimidating personalities with confidence and am now able to convey my thoughts clearly to them.

My focus and concentration has significantly gone up, allowing me to study when I sit down to study and go all out while I play.

ALL THIS IN JUST 35 DAYS! Now, I do realise that everyone’s body is different and takes different amounts of time but it really does work!

There is hope for all of us. If today I’m here, feeling all good and hopeful, is due to YBOP and RN.

Big thanks to all of you who have posted your stories here and kept me motivated.

I will continue to visit this forum even after my reboot is complete, trying to help out as many guys as I can, as a small way of expressing my gratitude for turning around my life.

If any of you have questions, please ask them below and I will try to answer them in as much detail as I can.