Age 22 – (ED) Just had sex successfully more than 6 times over the weekend with my girlfriend

Just had sex successfully more than 6 times over the weekend with my girlfriend. My story is almost the same as most of you started when I was 12 or 13, I am a very shy person had anxiety attacks when trying to have sex and ED.

I was not a very social person but I always managed to find a girlfriend, and I had many failed attempts at sex and I couldn’t take the embarrassment anymore, I got depressed and went into heavy porn use as I couldn’t take the miserable existence that is my life. It was then that I went to Men’s clinic trying to find a solution to my problem but they couldn’t help me as they thought that I had a certain medical condition they didn’t know and gave me Cialis(I was 19), it worked fine but the only problem was that it was too expensive and I decided to look for a natural solution because I didn’t understand why this was happening to me because I was a fairly healthy person, I played soccer regularly and had a fairly good diet (not the best). It was then that I discovered this site and took up reading more about this problem and this really helped me a lot in my recovery process.

To cut my story short about 4 months into my reboot I started trying  to have sex again then I realised I always had pressure to perform and I had low self esteem and it was still difficult to have an erection at the time but I kept on going and I never gave up. It was only about 6 months in when I first had sex successfully but with about 70% erection, the experience was great I enjoyed it and all was great. Then I tried again after a month and failed, I got depressed and had low self esteem. Then I tried to bring up my confidence by approaching girls this worked a bit but because I didn’t handle rejection very well, I gave up then I got into a serious relationship only then I started to see some positives because I opened up to this girl and told her everything, I think because she was understanding and didn’t put any pressure on me I was able to have sex successfully with her after 3years in a relationship.

The best way to overcome this is to Reboot and rewire and also no masturbation. If you are like me and you are not a very confident person, when rebooting approaching a lot of girls will help you a lot with your confidence and will make the process faster but it will still require a lot of patience. The other way is to have a long term girlfriend whom you are going to be completely open to like I was with my girl, this also helps a lot as you are going to have no pressure when coming to sex and also wont feel so embarrassed when things aren’t working out in the bed. At this stage I’m still trying to increase my confidence by going out more and trying to talk to people and become social, I hope this helps.

The struggle continues!!!

LINK – Success for the first time

BY – Kylercagni