Age 22 – ED pretty much cured, Sex is awesome, Social anxiety nearly gone, No longer do I feel uncomfortable around people


Hello NoFap brothers, long time lurker here but I felt that now was a good time to post because yesterday I finally completed 90 days of NoFap. And it is freaking amazing! But first a little background on me: I’m a 22 year old man who has been jerking off and watching porn since I was 12 and that messed me up big time.

Porn warped my perception of women because I expected them to look and perform like porn stars and as you can guess this didn’t end too well.

Erectile dysfunction was pretty strong too and more concerning was that I felt dead and drained all the time which sucked ass. I lived this way up until last year when I came across this subreddit.

At first I was like “This seems like bullshit but I’ll give it a shot.” and I lasted like 2 days. Man was it hard but then I kept on reading posts and realized that my symptoms were no different than those of you guys and so I was like “you know what I’m gonna do this!” and I kept going…and relapsing. At first it was really hard to go more than one week but as I kept doing it eventually became easier until finally I was able to keep pushing and hit 90 days.

The benefits are pretty awesome. I feel full of energy and my social anxiety has gone down significantly, no longer do I feel uncomfortable around people. The attention from girls is fucking awesome and I have been working out as well as eating healthy which is double awesome. Sex has been awesome as well, my Erectile Dysfunction is pretty much gone and it feels phenomenal.

Am I ever going back to porn? Hell no! This feeling is too awesome to go back. Guys, seriously, if you are struggling DO NOT GIVE UP! Keep pushing foreward. If you are dedicated you will make progress, it gets easier, and you will be a significantly better version of yourself. Trust me if I can do it you can too. Thank you so much guys and stay strong bros!

LINK – Day 90 – Lifechanging!

by NoFapKing420