Age 22 – ED, relapses, tried doctors first

I am young, 22 years old. Went through this issue during my early college years. It was really rough because something as minor as not getting it up once, had devastating effects on my confidence. There’s so much pressure about penis size and what not, but nothing there’s worse than when it doesn’t work. It was like I was useless as a male. No matter how handsome, funny, smart, strong…if the penis is not working. Useless.

But after months of effort w/ my g.f. Doctor visits, Viagra type medications. I finally looked in the mirror. Did a little research online about ED, and the causes that led to it. There was not much info because we are in a new age of “on demand” sex. I can download a full 2GB video in 10 minutes. Have 20 tabs open of streaming, free sex scenes. But I noticed more and more people pitching this notion that we were reprogramming ourselves.

I liked my intercourse a certain way. Period. I needed my penis stimulated a certain way, needed to be in a certain position. Vagina did not feel good because it did not have the grip of my hand. It could not move as fast as my hand. If a girl sucked at hand-jobs, and did not grip it how I liked it, and as fast as I liked it, I could last hours.

I was OK if a girl was on top. Now, I would not necessarily orgasm, but I would at least maintain an erection. I figured this was because of the fact that I masturbate in bed lying on my back. If I had to pump, it was not natural. My body literally would be like “WTF?” and my penis and mind would get bored immediately.

So I tried to stop masturbating. If i did masturbate, I would do so without the killer grip. And without moving faster than a vagina could possibly move.

I noticed results pretty quickly. Noticed I started getting hornier. Started getting morning wood. Started having intense sex dreams. Just dancing with a girl could get me aroused. No longer did I require so much manual stimulation to my penis before sex. If I knew sex or something about to happen my penis would be standing at attention. Finally I would orgasm in a decent amount of time. Would not lose an erection during intercourse.

[5 months later]

1) I pretty much stopped using porn as well. Sometimes I would try to casually look at pornography when bored, but I found out that this would usually lead to masturbation.

2) I have had quite a few relapses, but it is amazing how quickly I recover. If I avoided masturbation and porn for only 2 weeks to a month, I would have a normal sexual encounter after that. (By normal I mean getting and staying hard and my sex drive and hunger for sex would be through the roof.)

3) I would try to mix in small amounts of masturbation, but it is like a drug. It get’ addicting. So for best results I realized it was best to just stop.